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2011 Diary

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Thursday 27th January - Today was the AGM delayed from late last year.

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The meeting was well attended, eleven of us plus Karen from the BLF.
Peter was elected Chairman
Anne was elected Secretary
Vic was elected Treasurer
More notes to come - see 14th February

Thursday 10th February - Our second exercise class of the year. . . . . .

Friday 11th February - Yesterday, Thursday, a lot of you said that your internet connections were slow so I've reoganised this page to make it smaller.  I've created new pages, see above, for Event Reports and Exercise Class Reports
The 'Diary' of this page still records what happened on the various days and you'll be able to click on them to get the full original report.

Monday 14th February 2011 - Happy Valentine's Day.  More news from the AGM:  The officers elected were:
Chairman - Peter
Secretary - Anne
Treasurer - Vic
Group Contact - Anne
Mail Contact - Margaret
Website - Michael
Committee - Sue S (This position is waiting for confirmation - i.e. if not elected may be co-opted, to keep Michael in check)

Thursday 17th February 2011 - Today was the first meeting of the new committee.
Karen was formally co-opted onto the committee.
Cath was to be consulted on when she could start the combined exercise classes and general meetings.  She would be asked how she felt about missing several months during the year.
We will continue with the 10th March and 14th April dedicated exercise sessions.
The 24th February meeting will have a speaker on financial services.
For the 31st March meeting we will have Dr. Singh.
We will go out for a meal at Easter on 28th April.  Vic is investigating various destinations.
The combined meetings may start on 26th May but watch this space for more detailed information.
The remaining meetings for this year will be:
30th June - TBA
28th July - summer meal
25th August - no meeting
29th September - TBA plus exercise class
27th October - TBA plus exercise class
24th November - Christmas meal

29th December - no meeting
26th January - AGM
The future format of meetings, the times are flexible and under the control of the Chairman, will be:
1.15pm - 1.30pm - members arrive
1.30pm - 2.00pm - refreshments, notices and greetings to each other
2.00pm - 3.00pm - speaker or activity
3.00pm - 3.30pm - exercise
3.30 - further opportunity to socialise/discuss problems/etc.  The meeting will close when members drift away.
We will continue charging £2 per meeting. For normal meetings there will be a raffle and it is hoped that members will donate prizes to allow our funds to grow.  The raffle prizes for the first two raffles have been donated.  For the dedicated exercise classes there will be no raffle but the £2 fee will remain.
We are going to give more thought to ways of raising funds to continue with the exercise classes and to make donations to the BLF.
Anne has acquired some T-shirts, which we will keep to use on our awareness days.
We will try to arrange an awareness day in June at Morrisons, as last year.
Having awareness days at other venues will be investigated, e.g. at Chorley Hospital on Lung days.
We will look into hiring a helium balloon inflator for these days.
We are going to produce a general A4 brochure to place in Libraries etc., to tell people who and where we are.
Vic has ordered the rubber tubes for exercising.  We'll keep them and hand them out for use at each meeting.  They are being purchased with some of the legacy money.
It was agreed to have the committee meeting at each others houses. The next one is at Michael & Sue's. It was agreed we would meet around four times a year, generally when a meeting was needed.
After the meeting it was suggested that a quorum should be four people.

Thursday 24th February - At our meeting, writes Anne, we had a talk by the FSA representative ( Money Made Clear).
We met at 1.30 and enjoyed a pleasant session of socialising over a cup of tea. Carole Carlisle made a surprise visit from Regional Headquarters.
Anne raised the subject of the Awareness day and it was agreed that it would again be in June and that she would approach Morrisons again for another day with them.
Adrian ( sorry can’t remember his other name, he only introduced himself as that, and was not the original person  to come) said that it was a pleasure for him to talk to a generation who had the common sense to have their finances reasonably well sorted. He generally speaks to people who have greater issues to deal with.
He presented us all with a booklet and he worked his way through the booklet, discussing parts that he felt were relevant to us,  but was generally audience led. He was very open about his own situation and admitted freely that he was in a position to talk about the problems as he had been there himself in the past, and was now learning from his mistakes. He told us that he had worked in the banks, investing money to make money, but had left because of the stress, and the temptation to play with money he hadn’t got! He would not be drawn to give any actual financial advice though ( viz investments!)
He was expecting a call from his wife, who was imminent to give birth and he apologised in advance if this happened.  It was a very pleasant and relaxed session, and we all enjoyed his visit. He said that the name FSA was changing in the future, but that everything else would be staying the same as at present.  He advised us or anyone we knew, to contact the FSA if we needed advice, and assured us of their best attention at all times.
The vote of thanks was given by Vic and we all expressed our appreciation in the usual manner.We then enjoyed a second cup of tea and a chat before leaving.
Michael & Sue missed the meeting bcause they were in Devon.

Thursday 10th March - Another successful Exercise Class conducted by Cath.

Thursday 31st March - Today we welcomed Dr Singh, consultant at Chorley and Preston Hospitals. He gave us a very interesting illustrated talk on COPD.  
At the end of the meeting Vic thanked him for coming to talk to us and the members present, double the usual attendance, showed their appreciation.  Dr Singh offered to come to talk to us every twelve weeks or so, which delighted all the people present.
He confirmed the importance of exercise and our next Exercise Class is on Thursday 14th April at 1.30 pm at Wright's fold Community Centre.
For those of you who can walk there are gentle Health Walks starting from the Barn in Curden Valley Park and alternatively from the Clayton Green Sports Centre.  See the notice for details or contact Michael on e-mail or telephone 01772 451818
The next general meeting is our Easter Lunch to be held on Thursday 28th April, venue to be arranged.  For more details contact Anne 01772 424105,

Thursday 14th April - Only a few turned up for the exercise class today!  I had to babysit our sick Grandson and Anne had an infection.  Vic is suggesting the Railway for the Easter Lunch.  Let him know how you feel about that.

Thursday 28th April - Today was our annual 'Easter' Lunch

Here we are in the Railway waiting to be served.  As you can see Prince William and his bride to be came to wish us well.
Everyone agreed that the food was enjoyable and we all enjoyed the chat and gentle leg-pulling/ribbing before and after.
The next meeting is the Exercise Class on Thursday 12th May at Wright's Fold.

Thursday 12th May - Our latest exercise class with Cath took place today.
Some sad news from Sue who was waiting for lung transplants: because of recurring infections she's been taken off the transplant list.
Margaret is suffering from an infection and is on her third lot of antibiotics.

Saturday Afternoon 14th May - Sue’s just found the box of biscuits and remembered that Peter and Karen gave them to her because they would be unable to come last Thursday. - Very senior moment!  Sorry

Cath reported in injured!  So she didn't feel able to come to lead the Exercise Class.  

Thursday 26th May - Nothing special arranged for today but we had a lively get together ...

Friday 27th May - Sue has had her lung transplant and everything has gone well.  She is making good progress.  Anne had an email from her husband last night.

Thursday 9th June - Sue 'new lungs' is reported to be doing well.

Thursday 16th June - This week is the British Lung Foundation Awareness Week and the theme this year is Sleep Apnoea.  Today we held our second 'Awareness Day' in Morrison's Store at Leyland.  
Last Year's Awareness Day

Thursday 30th June - Back to normal this week, if that's possible with us lot!  . . . . .

Thursday 14th July - Exercise week.  After our opening refreshments and introduction to a new member and a few anxious moments Cath arrived.  . . . . .

Thursday 28th July 2011 - Sue, double lung transplant, is making good progress.
Our summer lunch at the Golf Club.  

Thursday 8th September - Today we met at Wright's Fold for the first time since the summer break. Kath took us through a series of exercises and promised more in the comimng weeks.
There were only eight of us present but we all enjoyed the experience.

Thursday 29th September - We met at Wright's Fold for the first group meeting since the summer break.  Anne had prepared a couple of Quizzes for us, which we all enjoyed.
We had a surprise new member join us, David Parker, who immediately volunteered to be our Publicity Officer to the excitement of all present - just what we've needed for a long time.
The Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 27th decided that we would revert to the separate exercise meetings.
Tomorrow a group of us are going to the North West Region Networking Day at Poulton-Le-Fylde.

Friday 30th September - Several of us went to a 'Networking' meeting at Poulton Methodist Church.  It was a lovely venue and the catering was arranged by the local Breathe Easy Group.  The day started at 1030 hours and went on to 1500 hours.  
Besides ourselves, Chorley & South Ribble, representatives were there from Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre, Morecambe, Preston and West Cumbria - well over thirty people attended.
Carole welcomed us and the first speaker was Michelle Ashton, the Commissioning Manager NHS Blackpool.
Mr 'T' of Medix Pharmacy then address us informing us about the services available from our pharmacies, not all free of course.
Robert Cooper, our North West Manager, gave an informative update on the work of the BLF, which I found very interesting.
Mark , Manager of the BLF Helpline, was the final speaker and he spoke with enthusiasm about the Helpline Service.  He strongly encouraged us to use the 'Helpline', which is based in the North West but is a nationwide service.
The BLF Helpline number is 08458 50 50 20 and the Helpline web site is section of the BLF web site , I guess if you don't use it we'll lose it.
Questions were answered during and after each speaker and a limited amount of networking took place at lunch time.
We all enjoyed the day and learnt many things.

Thursday 13th October - Seven of us attended the exercise class and all of us enjoyed the work Cath put us through.  Karen always comes to watch but again she ended up taking part.  We have to now do the exercises we learnt three times a week.

Thursday 27th October - There were twelve of us gathered to listen to Sue Lewis of Central Lancashire NHS telling us all about the Expert Patients classes that she organises in our locality.

Thursday 10th November - Exercise Day with Cath.  We seem to be enjoying these classes more and more, even those too poorly to take part in the exercises but just come to join in the camaraderie.
October's BLF News

Thursday 24th November - Our Christmas lunch at the Ley Inn

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There were thirteen of us able to make the party, including Cath our exercise Guru.

Thursday 8th December - Our last Exercise Day of the year.

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