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Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy Group - 2012

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Thursday 13th December - We all enjoyed our Christmas Lunch at the Plough, Runshaw, it was a bit cold but the food and service was good - a few photos


Thursday 27th November - Anne, Vic and Sue went to ASDA to receive a cheque!

Steve Perkins , Store Manager, presenting the Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy Group with a cheque for £100. The money was donated by the Store’s customers through the Leyland Community Life Scheme.  Vic Hill, the retiring Treasurer is receiving the cheque on behalf of the Group, watched by Sue Swarbrick, the new Treasurer and Anne Cole, the Secretary

Thursday 22nd November - Our 'Pampering Day' at last.  We all enjoyed Cath and Ruth's expertise!!

Thursday 8th November - Another enjoyable exercise day with lots of hilarity and hard work - eleven participants plus Cath.

Thursday 25th October - The Annual General Meeting (in future, October will become the new date of the AGM) followed by an entertaining quiz.

Tuesday 16th October - Sue, Vic and Michael attended the BLF North West Conference - Managing Chronic Lung Disease - the rest of you missed an excellent and enjoyable conference.  I can't begin to describe it, it was so comprehensive.

Thursday 11th October - Quote from Cath on Facebook: " . . . Great class today - everyone was on top form. Thanks Rene for the help with the signs for some words...!! . . . "

Thursday 27th September - We had a very enjoyable series of quizes, prepard by Anne, after a discussion on possible officers for the next year of the Group, several nominations were accepted.  Anne has been nominated for the position of Secretary and is willing to carry on in that role.  Sue has been proposed as the new Treasurer.  Two members are considering whether to be nominated for Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Thursday 13th September - Our exercise class was enjoyable with eleven of us, including one new member, plus Cath - photo from Cath's mobile, it's actually on Facebook.


Wednesday 12th September - Michael & Sue went to the Guild Hall to check on the stand, which has been moved to a shop area across from the Volunteers Office.

Monday 10th September - Anne, Sue & Michael recorded a broadcast at Preston FM to go out on Tuesday morning.

Please note the NEW BLF HELPLINE NUMER is 030000 030 555 and not as stated on the broadcast

Thursday 23rd August - At a special committee meeting today, of the members of the Group who are and have been on the Committee recently, except Sue, who is on holiday but she had given her views to Carole, it was agreed to bring the next AGM forward to the October Group Meeting on the 25th.  Anne will be writing to you all informing you of this in time for you to make nominations for the officers, e.g. Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer and others etc.   
It is hoped the formal part of the AGM - election of officers and Secretary and Treasurer's report, will take no more than fifteen minutes and the rest of the meeting will be devoted to enjoying ourselves.

Monday 21st August

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Our stall at the Preston Guild set up by David and Katheen, photos by David .  The stand is in the Guild Hall Arcade and is there for the next 6 weeks  The one with the lady on is last year's Mayor of Preston Bobbie Cartwright. The one with David on, is with this years Mayor of Preston, Carl Crompton.

Thursday 16th August

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David organised a stall for us at the 'Reach' meeting at the Leyland Civic Hall here the group are pictured with the Mayor and Mayoress of South Ribble

Thursday 9th August our lunch outing to Brockholes - possible a report later.  Just for laughs - Shirley and I, as members of the Wildlife Trust were entitled to free parking!

After lunch we took in the ambience of the place, all fifteen of us, this a photo from David's camera taken by a kind lady.

Friday 10th August we have an awareness stand at the Event on Chorley Market.  If you can help for an hour or two or less please e-mail David to let him know

Thursday 16th August we have an awareness stand at the Civic Centre in Leyland.  If you can help for an hour or two or less please e-mail David to let him know

Thursday 26th July - Lesley McCallon, the BLF COPD nurse came and gave us a short talk about her work as a British Lung Foundation Nurse working in the Adult Community Respiratory Service - new name for the COPD Nurses - and answered a few questions.  She brought along a student from UCLAN.
Lesley promised to come on another day and spend more time with us.
We were privileged to have Carole, our mentor, with us today and she joined in with the fun of the Beetle Drive.
Everyone said they had enjoyed the day, certainly there were happy sounds of laughter ringing round the place.  David took some photos, some of which I hope he'll send to me.

Thursday 12th July - another enjoyable exercise meeting with our delightful physio Cath.

Thursday 14th June - WOW!  We had a great exercise day playing with our balls, really they were Cath's special exercise balls.  She brought them along knowing we were going to be a small number, which would be manageable for this type of 'event'.  We laughed, almost from start to finish, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as well as exercised - Cath is a brilliant stand-up-entertainer.

Tuesday 29th May - The British Lung Foundation (BLF) online surgery covering bronchiectasis, took place today.  The surgery was hosted by Michael Loebinger, a Respiratory Consultant from Royal Brompton Hospital

Saturday 26th May - Chorley East Neighbourhood Mini Health Mela.  We took part in the Mela (pronounce mayla), having a stand under the direction of our Publicity Officer, David Parker. . . .

Thursday 24th May - Cat Woman Purrs into Wright's Fold!  Ann Marie Brewer delgihted us with her singing and breathing demonstrations/instructions at our meeting place. . . . . .

Thursday 10th May - the winner of the Mela clock raffle:

Mr Bharatsiwh  Chanada of Preston - The winning No was AD797810 –40.   Sorry it's taken so long to ratify this.

The BLF online surgery took place on 24th April.  The online surgery is offered free and exclusively to members of the BLF. Join now and in addition to helping us in our vital work, you will receive a welcome pack, our quarterly membership magazine and access to a wealth of information in the members' area of our web site. If you are already a member just register online.

Saturday 21st April - We had a stall at the - GUILD HEALTH MELA 2012 - several of us turned up to help.  I looked in the Oxford dictionary to see what Mela meant - pronounced mayla – it's a fair or Hindu festival.  

Friday 20th April - We met David and Kathleen in the Bus Station Car Park to help carry the 'stuff' down to the Guild Hall to set up our stall for tomorrow.  As it turned out we were much too early as they were only just setting out the hall.  We went for a cup of tea and eventually had some parched peas in the square.  We got back to the hall but they were still setting the place up so we got involved putting the chairs out and table cloths - white damask.

Thursday 19th April - Today we had a special practice Health Walk.  A number of our group tried their legs and lungs to see if they could join one of our Health Walks. . . .

Thursday 12th April - Chairperson Sue Hoefkens organised the Jacob's Join.  It was our Easter Celebration Meal.  Thanks to Sue and Paul and all the members who brought food.  We started to eat at 1.30pm and some of us didn't finish until the meeting was over and even then took some home.  We had one new member who suggsted we do this every time!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.

It was a special Day because Lesley, the COPD Nurse, gave us a talk outlining her responsibilities.  She volunteered to come again and talk/demonstrate one aspect of her reponsibilities.

Wednesday 28th March - Anne, David and Sue took part in a broadcast about our Group on Chorley FM

Tuesday 27th March - Today, sadly, was the last of our Expert Patients Classes.  For the last five weeks we've been attending these classes on Tuesday afternoons from 1330 hours to 1530 hours, six sessions.  The session were held in one of St. Ambrose Church's rooms.

Thursday 22nd March - Our own Sue Hoefkens gave us a very interesting and detailed talk all about her experiences since getting on the transplant list.

008s 005s
Sue going through the stages - Explaining what her talk is going to be about - I've reversed the order because it looks better visually if the photos are looking at each other - reporter's licence.
We all enjoyed her talk and marveled at the way she has kept to the comprehensive necessary steps to prepare for the transplant and to keep her transplant from rejection and continuing to recover.  She still has a mind boggling programme to keep to and medication to take.
There was a moments concern when her spirometer test showed a too low strength but she reassured us all that with a few exercise she would be back to normal. She had recovered by the evening.  If anyone deserves to succeed it is Sue.

promboardsDavid has prepared a Promotion Board for our exibitions etc.

A few days ago our principals recorded a broadcast to go out on Preston FM - click here to listen to it
We will be on Chorley FM soon

Thursday 8th March - once again we had an entertaining afternoon with Cath, our exercise Guru. Perhaps today was our largest attendance for the exercises - 11 plus Cath

Thursday 23rd February - On a beautiful spring day we received a very interesting and informative talk by Dr Singh, Consultant for Lung Diseases, Preston and Chorley Teaching Hospitals. (Apologies if I've got that wrong Dr Singh, please let me know what it should be)  He explained to a receptive and appreciative audience the structure and working of the lung and how it is affected by diseases.  He thoughtfully answered the many questions that we put to him.  He ended his talk explaining the importance of exercising the whole body.
Chairperson Sue thanked him for coming and giving us such an enlightening talk.
It was the first in a series of talks that he plans to give us over the next twelve months or so.  Even if you are not part of our group and would like to attend these talks please contact Secretary Anne.

Peter was pleased to announce that over £600 had been donated to Derian House in Memory of Karen.

Tuesday 21st February 2012 - Several of us attended the first session of the Self-Management Course run by the Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust - Perfect Patients.  A very interesting day and we all have Action Plans to complete before the session next Tuesday.

Thursday 26th January 2012 - Our first meeting of the year, the AGM
Anne opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.
Vic outlined the accounts for the past year and said we were in a sound position.
All the officers offered to carry on in their jobs except Peter who wanted time to find his feet again after Karen's cremation.
The remaining retiring officers were reelected:
Secretary - Anne
Treasurer - Vic
Publicity Officer - David
Mail Contact - Sue S
Website - Michael
Refreshments - Sue S
Sue H was nominated for the position of Chairperson and to help Sue it was agreed that we would create a new position of Vice-Chairperson for which Michael was nominated.  They were both elected.

David then showed us the DVD he had created of the Groups photographs to date.  This was enjoyed by all of us but Mavis thought the brass band music, requested by Michael, which had been added to the photos, was too miserable and she pointed out that it needed livelier music.
Carole was going to take our accounts away and calculate if we had enough money to make a donation to the BLF if requested.  We agreed to divide the donation between the BLF Kids and the BLF Research funds.

Thursday 12th January 2012 - This afternoon many of us attended Karen's funeral at St Johns Parish Church, Earnshaw Bridge and afterwards at Pleasington Crematorium.
The wake was held at the Leyland British Legion with a buffet and afterwards with a Line Dancing Evening to celebrate her memory, Karen had been a Line Dancing Instructor, Championship winner- Peter and Karen had led Line Dancing sessions all over the country

karens karen2s

Wednesday 4th January 2012 - Sadly Karen passed away peacefully this morning .