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Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy Group - 2013

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One of our members, Margaret Swan, died on Wednesday 4th December in Chorley Hospital.   The news came from Peter, her husband, via Sue Hoefkens.
The cremation was on 19th Dec, but private for family only.  Then a service was held at Hollingshead Church in Chorley at 1pm for all who wish to pay there respects to Margaret.  There was a Meal afterwards at Shawhill Golf Club but it was by invitation only.  May she rest in peace.  Sue says God love her she was a fighter.  If you wish you may make a donation to the BLF in memory of her.

Sadly these are the only photos we have of her taken in happier times at Leyland Golf Club where we held our Summer lunch on 28th July 2011.

Thursday 12th December - Another good attendance to the Exercise Class, which was different from normal.  In party mood we all sat in a circle and Cath led us in a series of exercises to music.  Peggy brought a large tray full of cakes which she had baked in the morning.  Afterwards we took part in three quizzes prepared by Peggy.  Ann B won the bottle of wine

The Christmas Lunch was held on Tuesday 10th December at the Wellington Park.  10 of us attended and enjoyed a lovely meal and entertaining afternoon.  Michael won a bottle of wine in the bingo!  Thanks Peggy for all the work you did in arranging the event.

Thursday 28th November - Peggy Allison gave us a very enjoyable talk on her hobby, Scouting.  Peggy has been, and still is, in the Scout Movement for over 40 years and her husband Ed for two years longer.  She brought Ed's 'Blanket' with her to show us all the badges representing scout troops she has visited all over the world and this country, here modelled by Michael:

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It all started many years ago with Ed and Peggy helping with Leyland St. James' Cubs, taking them swimming to Saul Streeet Baths in Preston, once a month then twice a month then eventually every week.  Ed was asked if he would like to become an assistant, which he did, eventually becoming a leader. This led to Peggy becoming the Secretary of St James' troop.  From those humble beginnings and many camps later Peggy rose to District Commissioner.  She retired for health reasons after 5 years.  She was asked by the then District Commissioner if she would come into the District as District Secretary and she was delighted to accept, which is her current post.

Thursday 14th November - Exercise Class with Cath, ten of us enjoyed the BLF workout with lots of laughs.

Thursday 24th October - The AGM. Everything went off smoothly.  The new committee: Anne was re-elected Secretary, Mavis re-elected Chairperson, Sue re-elected to be Treasurer, Shirley to be the Hostess and Mavis agreed to take care of the raffle prizes.
The officers were thanked for their efforts over the past twelve months.
We're all set for another year!

Thursday 10th October - Exercise Class, another happy day with Cath!   

Thursday 26th September - Today we had a visit from Colin a RNLI crew member from Morecambe.  It was a very interesting and informative talk all about the Morecambe hovercraft and general problems in Morecambe Bay and the Lune.  Everyone who attended enjoyed the talk from a dedicated and enthusiastic life-saver.

Saturday 21st September - Many of us visited Anne at home to celebrate her 70th birthday

Thursday 12th September - we had a lively Exercise Class wit hour Guru Cath

Tuesday 10th September Many of us attended Vic's Funeral at St. Ambrose's Church Leyland and at the Charnock Richard Crematorium and afterwards at Farington Lodge

If you still wish to make a donation in memory of him: Donations to St. Catherine's Hospice and/or Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy

Monday 2nd September - Only a little news about Vic.
He is having to have a post mortem which may have been done on Friday but if not it will be done today.

Sunday 25th August 2013 - Sad News: Vic died at 6:30 this morning. We'll keep you up to date about arrangements etc. as they become available.

Wednesday 14th August Message from our Secretary Anne: Sadly I need to let you know that Vic's last trip out was to the meal with us at Wellington Park, see below, and after being admitted to Royal Preston Hospital for a short while he is now in St Catherine's hospice.  His cancer has spread rapidly and he is not expected to last for very long.
He is not very aware now and is finding it difficult to communicate. He's not in any pain.
Please think of him in your prayers.
I will send him a card on behalf of us all, but I am sure he would appreciate any others that you might send.
I haven't managed to see him above a few times as I do not have any transport to get there, but I go when I can.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer break.  Dr Singh is looking forward to visiting us again soon providing we can start the meeting at 12:45pm

Thursday 25th July - The Summer Lucheon was enjoyed by all those who attended

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Sue, Pat, Ann, Anne, Vic, Doreen, Janice, Rene, Mavis, Shirley, Valerie and Ray enjoying our lunch at the Wellington Park Hotel.

The June Group Meeting was held as usual as was the July Exercise Class.

Thursday 13th June - Exercise Class, the first one with our new 'approved' equipment bought with some of the Local Councilor Grant monies.
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Using the new weights and exercise ball

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The new steps and an exercise that doesn't need equipment

Relaxing afterwards

Sunday 2nd June - The Great Bike Ride was cycled successfully by Michael and Peter with encouragement and help by Cath, Steve, David, Elaine and Ruth, Cath's husband and their friends.

Thursday 23rd May - Group Meeting.  We had a quiz prepared and compered by Michael.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Thursday 9th May - Another enjoyable Exercise Class

Thursday 25th April - We had our Line Dancing Class with Peter and Barbara - twelve of us attended, most having a go.

Thursday 11th April - Another enjoyable exercise day with three new members taking part for the first time.  As Usual Cath was in great form and introduced us to a new form of exercise, bio-mecahnics, to get us sitting upright and thus opening our lungs.

Thursday 28th March - Several of us, after meeting at Wright's Fold, enjoyed a very informative visit to the Global Renewables Recycling plant at Farington Moss

Thursday 14th March - Vic is back in Melrose House but not all that well.
Anne is still in hospital but she's being moved to another bay, still in ward 14, where she will have more company, she's been in room of her own up till now. She's got a special walking frame with arm supports and she's done a few steps with it.
Later she needs to go to a transitional ward which will prepare her to come home. In this transitional ward she be assessed for home assistance etc.

We had our usual Exercise Class with much merriment.

Saturday 9th March - Anne is still in hospital after hip surgery, she'll probably be there for another week or ten days.  It's OK to visit. She's in the Royal Preston Hospital on Ward 14 visiting times - 2:30pm to 4:00pm & 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
She's diabetic so don't take her sweets and sugary things.
Sue says she seemed to enjoy their visit on Thursday evening, she brightened up considerably.

Thursday 28th February - Today Ann Marie Brewer came again to entertain us and lead a sing-a-long with us to improve our breathing.  Only nine members manged to make it but they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, hopefully, are still breathing easier.

Friday 15th Feruary - Just found out that the BLF is no longer putting our web site on theirs.

Thursday 14th February - Today was our February Exercise Day, again only a few of you turned up, seven.  We learnt that Michael's steps and wieghts may no meet Cath's insurance conditions. Sue and Michael have donated a new set of Tesco weights.

Tuesday 12th February - Our Secretary Anne is convolescing after a serious accident.  Please don't ring her as she's not up to talking to people at the moment. Ring Sue 01772 451818 if you need to talk to anyone.

Thursday 24th January - We had another surprise visit from our BLF COPD Nurse Lesley McCallion.

Here she is presenting a cheque for £75 to our Treasurer, Susan Swarbrick - left, watched by our Secreatry, Anne Cole - right, to benefit  our Group from Julie, the BLF COPD Nurse, who did a sponsored run in The Manchester Half Marathon last year, raising money for both Preston Breathe Easy and ourselves.  Julie was the nurse who spent the day with us on our stand at the 2012 Preston Mela.

Thursday 10th January - We all enjoyed our first exercise class of the year with new Gradma Cath although there were a few of us missing.