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Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy Group - 2014 exercise

Latest News                                              

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Thursday 11th December - only a few of us attended the Exercise Class but it was a worthwhile experience for those that did 

Tuesday 9th December - Our Christmas Lunch at the Wellington Park Hotel

Thursday 27th November - Michael gave his talk on Sailing

Thursday 13th - A normal Exercise Class was held

Thursday 23rd October - The AGM was held successfully

Thursday 9th October - Cath led another entertaining exercise session, seated exercises to Bollywood type music.  All ten attendees benefitted from the enjoyable experience.

Friday 26th September - Peggy has arranged for the Lunch to be on Tuesday 9th December at 12 noon at the Wellington Park Hotel - details will be communicated later.

Thursday 25th September - The first part of the meeting was devoted to deciding what to do about the Christmas Lunch.  Peggy was tasked to arranging a lunchtime meal at Wellington Park Hotel.  The cost to members will be £5 each.

We then discussed nominations for the Committee to be elected at the October AGM.  Suggestions were:
Secretary - Anne Cole
Assistant Secretary - Peggy Allison
Entertainments Secretary - Peggy Allison - not sure if I've got Peggy's title right
Treasurer - Sue Swarbrick
Hostess - Shirley Clayton

Michael Swarbrick - web site - not on the Committee

Mavis then played a selection of tapes, sing along music and then an old Comedians tape.  Michael was observed to be laughing!

As is becoming a welcome divert ion Peggy brought her delicious selection of home bakes which went down well with tea and coffee made by Shirley. 

Thursday 11th September - Cath put us through a series of movements to music.  Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

Thursday 28th August - At our meeting today we had a talk from Doreen on her interesting work as a volunteer with Citizens Advice.  Peggy brought her delicious selection of home bakes which went down well with tea and coffee made by Shirley. 

Thursday 14th August - Cath was unable to attend so we enjoyed a variety of activities.

Thursday 24th July - Peggy and Ed prepared a marvellous buffet lunch which we all enjoyed.
Photo0821s Photo0820s Photo0822s
Sorry, I forgot to photo the buffet before we'd all had our pick.

Photo0823s Photo0825s Photo0828s Photo0827s

Photo0825s Photo0826s
Cath & Rory

Thursday 10th July 2014 - It was to have been Anne Marie Brewer teaching us to sing but at the last minute she was unable to attend so the members present entertained themselves and I understand it was a very merry afternoon - laughing so much underwear may have been wet.

Thursday 26th June 2014 - The Speaker was our Secretary - Anne Cole - Anne will be talked about Canal Painting - Equipment and Vessels

Thursday 12th June 2014 - our exercise class on a hot sunny day.   After the warm up session most people took it easy.

Tuesday 22nd May 2014 - Visit by Lesley McCallion our COPD Nurse
Lesley arrived with her box of equipment and briefly outlined her new situation and handed out an explanatory leaflet . . . . more

Sunday 4th May - Charity Bike Ride - Ribble Ride or Stride organised by the South Ribble Rotary Club.

Michael successfully completed the ride, 31 miles, and raised over £400 - plus around £60 Gift Aid for the British Lung Foundation.

Thursday 24th April - Ian gave his talk, illustrated by many slides, of early milestones in Chorley's history.  Ian is a leading figure in a group of enthusiasts, The Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group, who are trying to set up a Heritage Centre in Chorley.
The members present thoroughly enjoyed the photos and talk and we thanked Ian for his presentation.

Sunday 13th April - Cath, our Exercise Professional, completes the London Marathon!

Thursday 10th April - Cath was in good form again for our Exercise Class, just a few days to go before she runs the London Marathon

Thursday 27th March - today Jo Blofeld and Sumaiya Sufi came to talk to us about the NHS Central Lancashire Long Term Conditioning Partnership Programme Patient and Public Involvement Lead.
Their presentation was very interesting and gave us clues about the way the NHS is going.  Their words resonated with what we heard at the Conference on Tuesday.
They are looking for volunteers who are Expert by Experience to join their network to visit people with similar problems and provide guidance and help to them.
It was well into the afternoon before they left.  Several members of the group had to leave at the same time as it was getting late.  Peggy provided the ones remaining with one of her usual challenging Quizzes.

Tuesday 25th March - Anne, Sue & Michael attended the BLF Conference at the Thistle Hotel at Haydock.  It was a very interesting and enjoyable day.  Unfortunately I left my notes behind but Anne is going to write something up.  My interpretation of events is that the BLF is leaning towards telephone and electronic communications in future.
For a while we were entertained by a Breathe Easy Group COPD Choir

Thursday 13th March - Another well attended Exercise Class, which we all enjoyed.

Thursday 6th March - Sadly it was Ray's funeral today at Penwortham United Reform Church. The church was packed with his friends and family, four of us attended from our group.  Valerie thanked us for coming and said Ray had really enjoyed coming to our club and that he always came home happier afterwards.

Thursday 27th February - Ann Beard entertained us today with her interesting and revealing talk about the 'connections' in her life.  We all thoroughly enjoyed her presentation.

Thursday 13th February - Another successful exercise Class

Thursday 23rd January - Today we were visited by Max from Lancashire County Council and the NHS and Linda from Age UK Lancashire who work for the new group Connect4life.  Their aim is to bring communities together and help to facilitate volunteers in the wider community. 

They split us into two groups, taking one group each, and led us in discussions on various aspects of our group, other groups and our communities.   

The four discussion topics were:

  • What do we like and admire about our community?
  • What do we like and admire about our community?
  • What would we like to change about our community/?
  • What gifts can we offer our community?

They will take all our deliberations away and report back later in the year.

It was a very interesting afternoon and brought the group even closer together.  

Sadly we were only eight today, several members were poorly, one is in Preston Royal Hospital, two were on hospital appointments.