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Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy Group                exercises

Our Activities during 2017                                        

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The next Exercise Class will be on Thursday 11th January.

Thursday 14th December - Gluttons for punishment we arranged an impromptu Jacob's Join

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Your photographer

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After we had gorged ourselves Brenda entertained us with a Christmas Quiz she had gone to a lot of trouble to prepare.

There was plenty left so we all took some home to enjoy later.

Thursday 7th December - Seventeen of us gathered for our Christmas Lunch at Charnock Farm, Wigan Road.

046s 039s 040s 050s
As you can see a good time was had by all

Thursday 23rd November - Our AGM with a difference!

We got most of the business over with, i.e. reports and electing the officers.  All agreed to carry on.

We had invited

005s   006s   008s    007s
Joan Burrows, County Councillor and Champion for Older People.  She made several useful suggestions and outlined her role on the Council.

The AGM was the suspended while

009s 012s
Laura Holmes of Preston Repair and Care outlined the facilities that her organisation offered to older people e.g. the help we can get from their team of handypersons plus housing advice, home assessment and general support.  Pratap & Laura after the meeting.  The meeting resumed for any other business.

Our most enjoyable AGM to date.

Thursday 9th November - Exercise Class - once again we had a delightful exercise class with Cath

Thursday 26th October - Well once again things didn't work out.   Our first aid lecturer turned up on Tuesday, got the day wrong and couldn't come this afternoon!

g001s g013s
Michael brought their old TV set and played a video of all this year's photos.

Saturday 14th October - Leyland Health Mela

We had a stand at the Leyland Health Mela held at the Worden Academy.

Mavis and Sue having just set up our stand with Michael's help

Pratap arrived before the opening

006s 010s
The Worden Academy headmaster opening the Mela and the Mayor giving his contribution, all the people on the platform spoke a few words

028s 026s
The Mayor visiting out stand and having his blood oxygen measured.  Don't know what was amusing him?

Barbara and Peter turned up to help in the afternoon

A senior prefect and the Head Girl visiting us.  The Worden Academy pupils were everywhere helping everyone as well as collecting pens.

The COPD Nurses stand next to ours.  Unfortunately they were all out on call.  Ann set the stand up and Zoe came later.  I volunteered us to look after their stand in future.

We made some useful contacts and got offers to come and speak to us.

Peggy's pens went down very well with the people who were privileged to get them

Thursday 12th October - Exercise Class

Thursday 28th September - Group Meeting - Fire & Rescue Abroad

Eagerly waiting for the speaker to turn but sadly he didn't

Saturday 23rd September - We had a stall at the revived Chorley Mela

003s 007s 042s 011s
Smiles all round, Peggy, Sue & Brenda, after setting up our stall

Our 'jolly' MP, dignitaries and Pratap

052s 055s
The Mayor came round the stalls here he is talking to Brenda, Pratap & Sue

Sue giving a visitor the oxygen test

Michael having a posture check - sits all wrong, drooping shoulder twisting backbone needs to lift chest up to allow improved breathing.  Sue had a check too.

Brenda, Michael & Sue all had medical checks - blood pressure, diabetes, body mass index etc.

Michael indulged in a Raiki experience.

Shame we didn't have more of the general public visiting.

Thursday 14th September - Exercise Class with Cath

Thursday 24th August - Today we had a double bill !

022s 013s 024s
Linda Molloy of the 'Quit Squad' gave us a talk about ways of stopping smoking and the service Quit Squad provide.  They work out of the various clinics and surgeries, Leyland Clinic is one of them.
The session was very informal, Linda had been thrust in the hot seat only a few hours earlier.  As most members are already non-smokers the session became an enjoyable discussion on members own experiences

This little 80 mm cube container has the amount of tar that a person smoking twenty cigarettes a day accumulates in two months

In the interval between speakers Peggy had kindly spent the morning baking and we were treated to Apple Pie and Pouring Cream or Egg Custard Tart, I believe specially for Michael and Alan respectively

030s 035s
Dr Shukla Yashwant of 'Dementia Pioneers', a group of individuals and businesses in health and social care, psychotherapy, teaching, community organising, research and design.  They are touched by dementia, inspired by evidence and passionate to make a difference, spoke to us explaining the different kinds of dementia, symptoms, the many different tests for, help available, recommended diet and special foods.
Obviously this talk was very relevant as some of our older members are experiencing the symptoms already.
We were very impressed by Dr Shulka and we were very privileged to have him talk to us.

Thursday 10th August - Exercise Class.  Cath was indisposed so Michael took over.  We had a new member plus a first time exerciser

Thursday 27th July - Paul Williamson L.R.P.S.

gave us a talk on the tall buildings of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore, London and Hong Kong showing us mounted remarkable photos, all his own work. 

Anne's daughter Suzanne and Grandaughter Lucy brought Anne and she thoroughly enjoyed the talk, she'd been to many of the buildings, and everyone was pleased to see her

Thursdday 20th July - Our Annual Summer Lunch - this year at Charnock Farm

002s 013s 012s
The empty seat in the first photo is Sue's, she was taking the photo.  Second photo taken by the waitress and the other and the one below by Pratap

We presented Anne with a bouquet to mark her inauguration as our new President.  Anne created the Group many years ago and been Secretary ever since but she's had to give up this year because of ill health.

Thursday 13th July - Another successful exercise class with Cath

Thursday 22nd June - The power of positive thinking with Jane Robson - Jane gave us an interesting and informative talk on how the mind can effect the body and holistic methods of healing particularly crystals and Theragem Light Therapy, she was really only able to touch on her therapies in the time allowed.

jr011s jr012s
Jane setting up and introducing her talk with a meditation to get us all centred. (You can see her Himalayan rock salt lamp on the mantle shelf - helps to ionise the air and combats the bad effects of computer, TV emissions etc.)

She went on to explain 27 tips for good breathing following this with an explanation of the benefits of crystals for breathing difficulties.  She explained how the combination of the crystals' natural vibration, everything has a natural vibration, resonating with our bodies to produce a healing effect.  She showed us samples of all the different crystals, and explaining how she used them to help people.

She described how the crystals with their very pure and high vibration combined with light and colour can change the state of the body and mind.

jr014s jr021s jr022s jr028s
Members sampling the Theragem Light Therapy

Wednesday 14th June - Awareness Day at Morrisons in Leyland

036s 002s 003s 007s
Frank, Peggy and Suzie getting ready for the onslaught and Michael of course

021s 025s 026s 035s
Our first visitors

045s 047s
Pratap and Shirley turned up to relieve Frank

Friends reunited!

Thursday 8th June - General Election Day so our meeting room was closed to us.  However we met at Peggy's and enjoyed a convivial afternoon with lots of cakes.

Thursday 25th May - Ian gave us an excellent, entertaining and informative talk on Chorley's famous people that you've never heard of but Michael used to work with one of them!  However he didn't know how famous he was

026s 020s 021s

It was also Frank's Birthday

Thursday 11th May - The Exercise Class was enjoyed by those who came

Wednesday 5th May - Visit to the Willows to see Anne

009s 012s 015s

Thursday 27th April - Fantastic Singalong with Trouble at' Mill enjoyed by all

s20s s25s s28s s31s
Graham and Bernadette and Vic kept the party swinging and got everyone taking part.
They were raising money for the East African Appeal and were delighted with our response

Thursday 13th April - The Exercise Class went very well and we had four new attendees (only one of them turned up for the Sing-along and he thought it was another exercise class!)

Saturday 1st April - Preston Mela - Sue and Michael arrived at the Foster Building, UCLan only to find we had not been allocated a stall!  The University had forbidden the use of the corridor so a hasty new plan had to be drawn up and somehow we'd been omitted.

002s 005s 019s
We were soon placed in the foyer and set up the stall.  Peggy arrived shortly afterwards soon to be followed by Brenda and then Peter in the afternoon

The stall next to us, not shown, was a new organisation, Dementia Pioneers, and they had these ball and cups to assess hand-eye coordination and entertain the visitors.  (The person on the right is coming to talk to us later in the year)

037s 047s
We had our share of visitors and are looking forward to our next exhibition

Thursday 23rd March - A talk and demonstration of First Aid techniques by Craig Harrison

Sadly there were only eight of us present but we were so impressed that Peggy is going to arrange another visit which we hope will be longer.

Thursday 9th March - Exercise Class - Another good session with several new members and several of the old members got off their seats today!

Thursday 23rd February - Group Meeting

005s 006s 021s
An afternoon with Stephen Watson a confessed Origami nerd.  We had a hilarious and productive time with Stephen and we hope he will come again

001s 004s
Getting ready for the meeting and signing a card for Anne before the meeting started.

024s 025s 031s 035s
We each made a gift box and a little jumping frog

David's frog

015s 037s 038s
Examples of Stephen's work being admired by our new member Brenda and Barbara. the grasshopper took over three days to make!

Thursday 9th February - Exercise Class -ten members enjoyed a leisurely exercise Class

Thursday 26th January - Group Meeting

We had a very interesting Group Meeting with Ann Radcliffe, BLF COPD Specialist Nurse, Adult Community Respiratory Service, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and Katie Merrick brought a student form Liverpool,Haley Walker, to interview several of our COPD sufferers.

New member David with Aysha and Shania being interviewed by Hayley

Hayley talking to/interviewing Peggy and Mavis

015s                              014s
Ann discussing with Peggy and Mavis                                Hayley, Ann and Katie

Thursday 12th January - Exercise Class
004s 011s
Relaxing after doing our exercises