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Chorley & South Ribble Breathe Easy Group - 2018                 exercises

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The next next Group meeting will be on Thursday 14th January - Alan Corlett (M) - Self Awareness Part 2

The next Exercise Class will be on Thursday 10th January with Matt followed at 3 pm Katie from Mindsmatter with 'A Surprise'

Thursday 13th December - Christmas Party- Jacob's Join - no exercise class today but Matt was invited and presented with a couple of bottles of wine for his efforts.

044s 046s
Brenda had organised the spread after everyone had earlier promised what they were bringing

042 047s 048s
Settling down to digest the food

Brenda had prepared a Christmas Quiz which was very challenging, she had obviously put a lot of effort into creating it.

After the quiz Brenda had prepared yet another game - a Beetle Drive - well sort of.  She had magicked the beetle into a reindeer which made it seasonal and excited the participants, some crawling on the floor chasing the die

Thanks Brenda for a lovely party and a year's entertaining and challenging meetings.

Thursday 22nd November - The AGM and Helena our PhD student from Lancaster University

011s 013s 013s
Peggy has just finished giving her report of the year and Brenda is handing out her report of our year's social activities.  You can see our new projector in the foreground which Michael used to present the Treasurer's report and he was surprised to report that we had spent less than we had gathered through the raffles.
He also reminded us that we had had two magnificent grants from County Councillors which had enabled us to buy the projector, screen and flipchart stand.

After the AGM we a report from Helena, speaking, our PhD student from Lancaster University with her Supervisor Roisin, overlooking, and supporter Steven, in the background of the photos above. They are researching the use of IT in patient health care.

We had an interesting afternoon with Helena guiding us through a set of exercises to develop future understanding of COPD and its problems.
We all really enjoyed the exchanges and warmth of the atmosphere amongst us all

Thursday 8th November - Exercise Class with Matt followed by a talk aon Sleep by Katie from Mindsmatter


Thursday 25th October - to the delight of most of the appreciative members, we had a visit from three guide dogs, one more than expected, and their handlers/trainers.

062s 065s 067s
Left to right: Silvia (Blind)with Marley her fully trained working guide dog; Dave with Elsie a puppy undergoing the initial walking training and Linda with Clover now undergoing serious training
The visit was such a success for both dogs, handlers and members that they will be coming again next year.

Thursday 27th September - Ian gave us a talk on The Royal Mail and the Secret Language of Post Cards

Thursday 27th September - Ian gave us a talk on The Royal Mail and the Secret Language of Post Cards

037s 038s 039s

Thursday 13th September - Matt's best attended Exercise Class yet!


After the Exercise Class James Byrne gave us a talk on Mindsmatter - Brenda to arrange more talks with James or his staff

Thursday 23rd August - Alan spoke about Self Awareness leading us into discussion and revealing ways that we can be better prepared to live in today's world

001s 003s
As you can see the meeting was held at Peggy's.  A new carpet was being fitted to Wrights Fold and today was the only day they could get the eight people involved together
Thanks Peggy for giving up your living room for us and for all the delicious cakes and fruit pies that you and Ed had prepared for us.

Thursday 9th August - Another enjoyable Exercise Class with Matt

Thursday 26th July - an attempted explanation of Mindfulness - Michael gave a talk on how he got involved in Mindfulness

032s 031s

Lancashire Mindfulness Poster

Further reading and websites

Thursday 12th July - Exercise Class with Matt - again a successful meeting

Thursday 28th June - Colin Bowman of nlcompass

Prior to the meeting with Colin, Brenda gave out questionnaires for us to help Helena Tendedez, PhD Candidate from Lancaster University, doing research into Connected Health in Cities.  Helena will visit us when she's completed her research.

Colin Bowman, on Brenda's left, came to talk to us about Carers' Hub Lancashire, which works across the County as part of Carers Lancashire providing support and information to adult Carers (18+) and specialist support to Carers of Adults (16+) with a mental health condition

Thursday 21st June - Summer Lunch at the Ley Inn

038s 040s 042s
As you can see seventeen of us enjoyed our meal at the Ley Inn (The seventeenth member is behind the camera)
Peggy proposed a vote of thanks for Brenda for organising everything and Brenda was warmly applauded

Thursday 14th June - Exercise Class with Matt - again a successful meeting

Thursday 24th May - Ann Oliver, Community Engagement Manager, Age UK Lancashire came to explain to us all the services that Age UK provide for us


Thursday 10th May - Exercise Class with Matt, again Matt had us all doing an hour of sitting exercises which we all enjoyed

Thursday 26th April - Ed Allison - The enthusiasm for having an allotment and help and advice

p01s p02s p03s

Thursday 12th April - Exercise Class - This was our second exercise class with Matt our new exercise leader

001s 003s 002s
As you can see there are many empty chairs!  This was unfortunate because many of our members were either poorly, in hospital or on family duties

Thursday 22nd March - We had a visit from Liz Coulton of Lancashire Adult Learning to instruct us in Basic First Aid.

003s 001s 005s 006sLiz was excellent, interesting and informative, we all felt better prepared for any emergencies we could become involved in.

She demonstrated:

How to do Artificial Respiration with models for adults, children & Babies
How to operate the resuscitators in the market place – how to check for a pacemaker
Difficulty in breathing
Recognizing and dealing with a heart attack
Recognizing and dealing with a stroke
Recovering a person from a fall

She also helped Brenda with all the courses that Lancashire Adult Learning provide and can provide.

County Councillor Jayne Rear spent the afternoon with us

Thursday 22nd February - One of our best group meetings yet!

003s 012s 013s 017s
We had a visit from Liv, Pippa, Suzanne & Jo - four Occupational Therapy undergraduates in their final year at Cumbria University with their tutor Bel Youngson.  They all 'performed'.  Liv introduced the subject then the other three in turn explained a section of their subject.  
They had us doing various little exercises which we all enjoyed and felt we had learnt quite a lot afterwards.  The exercises were aimed at teaching us how to organise our time and the time spent on our various routines etc. with emphasis on quality time.
They work as a team and plan to work as a team when they have qualified, they are already preparing a business plan.
Bel said they had done very well in an e-mail to us the following day.

Here we all are at the beginning of the session - one of our best attended

Helena Tendedez, Ph D student at Lancaster University, thanking us for allowing her to join our group to learn about our experiences with COPD

The afternoon closed with a talk from Oliver Maudsley from the DW&P explaining payments that we are entitled to and attempting to unravel the maze and hoops one has to jump through to get support - very simple so he said - but there appears to be many hurdles that we can trip over.

Thursday 8th February - Our last Exercise Class with Cath

Cath receiving a bouquet and wine on behalf of all of us from Acting Chairperson Sue

Thursday 25th January - Our first Speaker from Shape (Sitting Down Exercises) had to cancel because she had 'flu

However our second speaker, Carolyn Hayhurst from Steady On! more than made up for it.

049s 053s 057s
Once we had all got drinks Peggy introduced Ruth, a first time visitor who we hope will become a member.   Then Brenda outlined the progress she had made with our 2018 programme concluding by asking us for suggestions and an idea the kind of meetings we would like her to arrange

After our second drink and cake (Cakes provided by Peggy as usual) Carolyn arrived and started to set her 'props' out

060s 061s 063s
She soon got into her stride and entertained us with her craic as she went through all the ways we could help ourselves to keep upright, i.e. to avoid common pitfalls and not fall over or loose our balance.

She went through all the points on the sheet below and went on to demonstrate how to get up from a fall, after stressing to us that you must not move anyone who has fallen without being sure the person is uninjured - otherwise dial 999

Before she left she offered to visit any of us who needed her to go through our environment at home.

We thoroughly enjoyed her visit and hope she will come again


Thursday 11th January - We all enjoyed our Exercise Class but were disappointed to learn that after the next class Cath would be unable to look after us.