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scans The first picture of Jaja 7th September 1998 -11:34:24
bumps Not long now
news Hi folks. Who am I? Jaja Lloyd Thompson
babys 21st November 1999

Four generations!  Great Grandma's birthday 21st November 1999.

It was remarkable the way Jaja looked after Great Grandma Bull in her closing years. She died in 2002 when Jaja was only three and three quarter years old.

paints old07s
old2s old01s old03s old04s old05s old06s
carts Fleetwood Free Port, nearly 4
mmeres Jaja's first visit to Martin Mere - 20th December 2004
sail02s Ready to go for a sail - 2nd April 2005
sail01s Out on the water in Grandad's GP14 - 2nd April 2005. Jaja was 6 and Grandad 66!
050726s St. Annes Pier - 26th July 2005
050727s On the Ferris Wheel, Morecambe Fun Fair - 27th July 2005
050901s Fishing in the River Wye at Symonds Yat with the Bickleys - 31 August 2005
amartins Trying out Uncle Richard's Aston Martin - 21st December 2005
rabits The Magician's Rabbit - Jaja's Party - 5th March 2006
0607031s Lever House School Sports Day - 3rd July 2006
0607032s Some of Jaja's Football Trophies - photo taken in the back yard 3rd July 2006
sail03s Helping Wilf on Hound Dog leaving the Dock at Glasson - 11th August 2006
chefs Jaja loves cooking. Here he his preparing Grandad's omlette - 20th December 2006
swim01 Diving in the pool at the Leyland Hotel - 21st March 2007.  Jaja learnt to swim here getting several certificates.
sail04s First sail in his rebuilt Mirror dinghy - 3rd April 2007
sail5s Out in the GP - 9th April 2007
run01s Taking part in a sponsored run at school - 8th June 2007
cycl01s Cycling from Glasson to Morecambe and back wit hGrandma and Grandad - July 24th 2007
sail06s In the Mirror again on 31st July2007



Camping with Grandma at Glasson Sailing Club - 31st July 2007



This was one of Jaja's most exciting moments sailing so far.  Robin took him out on his Dart 15.

Jaja wins the heart of people wherever he goes, nothing was too much trouble for Robin and he gave Jaja so much pleasure and excitment.  Robin is a first class award winning helmsman.

sail09s The very next day, when it was too windy for lesser mortals, Robin took Jaja out again, much to Jaja's delight.
sail10s Well he enjoyed the catamaran so much that when one came up for sle Grandad bought one and here they are at the end of December, 30th, 2007
cup01s Jaja was mad keen on football, encouraged by his Dad.  Here he is holding the cup he won while playing for Euxton Villa - 11th May 2008
car01s Trying out Dad's new car - 23rd May 2008
sail11s Taking Mum for a sail - 27th July 2008
sail12s First time out on the Topper - 11th October 2008
gun01s Learning to shoot Uncle Richard's Air Rifle - 23rd November 2008



25th January 2009



Two sails on the Mirror and going well - 18th April 2009
run02s Another Sponsored Run at school - 23rd Jun 2009
sday02s School Sports Day - 23rd June 2009
twins It was too windy for the boys to sail on their own so we all went out in the GP14, Jaja, Ethan, Jordan & Grandad - 29th July 2009
snowmns Enough snow in Leyland at last to make a snowman - 22nd December 2009
sail15s 26th June 2010 preparing to sail at Glasson
blash01s 1st September 2010 ready to start at Balshaw's High School
mon17s Sailing at Glasson 22nd August 2011
jabmx01s jabmx03s 2012 Just turned 13!  A teenager - wow doesn't time fly