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TRANSIT 24 Hour Tor Mor
An Roth Community Enterprise Centre
2nd October 2011 to 31st March 2012

24 Hour Tor Mor is a series of paintings by Veronica Slater that were recently completed in her studio at Tor Mor, Fionnphort on the Ross of Mull. This body of work has been installed in the passages and stairwells, the transit areas of An Roth, to create a line of paintings that will lead the viewer through the building.  

The corridors of An Roth provide an ideal site for the paintings to engage with the building as a whole. In most buildings these areas are often left empty, blank and functional, merely links between the rooms we use for specific purposes. The installation TRANSIT turns these into 'thinking spaces', linking up the disparate throughways, transforming the spaces within and instilling a unified experience of the building.  

The paintings construct a sense of place through highly decorative and schematized images. The colourful and sumptuously painted surfaces of 24 Hour Tor Mor, layered with patterned motifs, generate a world of 'altered states'. They depict domestic ornaments * and representations of the 'picturesque'. This probes our process of recognition whilst unsettling familiar relationships.

TRANSIT is an installation of paintings that aspires to activate the interiors of An Roth by stirring the interiors of our imagination. It seeks to inspire the users of An Roth and celebrate the opening of this valuable resource for the community of Mull & Iona.  

* The domestic ornaments depicted in 24 Hour Tor Mor were bought from Island Castaways, Mull & Iona Environmentally Sensitive Solutions (MESS), shops.

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24 Hours (Tor Mor)
Oil and mixed media on canvas
June 2010

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