veronica slater

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dis-enchantment  .  spent  .  suburbia & paradise  .  wish you were here  .  opulence  .  ether 1 & 2  .  absent heads
"In her earlier work dis-Enchantment (2004), a sense of enchantment is activated by the landscape only to be foiled by the repeated pattern. However, the pattern itself produces a different form of beauty or enchantment. These two oppositional forces compete for the viewer’s attention and as a result a transformative space emerges that suggests 'enchantment' may forever elude our grasp."

David Mabb
Artist, Reader in Art and Course Leader in Postgraduate Studies in Art Practice,
Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

Oil on two separate canvas'
3m by 0.75m (10' x 2' 6")
Autumn 2004