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THE GREAT DIVIDE — Current projects

Is a body of work that seeks to explore the relationship between mental health and ideological dogma. The artwork has emerged from encountering an historical narrative that has led to unexpected destinations through extraordinary connections. A journey that has mapped an extensive geographical landscape, whilst unearthing a complex psychological topography.

It is a series that is in development and will be defined by the context in which it is shown.


Brainstorm is a large painting, depicting a gold outline of a cropped brain segment. The ‘brain form’ is materialised from a maelstrom of mark making which opens up a space to reflect on a repetitiveness-mesmerising-meditative endeavour that has no questions or answers. Just to 'be'. A 'mindfulness' of turbulence. It is at once busy and calming. A space to contemplate a presence of self.

Our mental health is a precious resource; the gold in this context is not representing wealth but is a symbol of our own worth.


Comprising of photographs taken by the artist whilst travelling. Images that map external locations whilst documenting an internalised memory of 'place'.


Hamlet comprises of photographs taken in 'Swastika', Northern Ontario, Canada. It is a sleepy hamlet that was named Swastika long before The Third Reich mutated the symbol from its celestial origins. Ancient Chinese and Indian deities used the swastika as a representation to depict 'a door to the divine'. The artwork 'Hamlet' seeks to represent an interpretation of the Garden of Eden – an 'innocence' of what the symbol originally meant before being corrupted. A metaphor too, for the exploitation and mutation of minds.

Swastika is where *Unity Mitford was conceived as her father, Lord Redesdale attempted to prospect gold, in the hamlet’s goldmines. Unity is later photographed with her mother and father outside their house in Swastika.

'Swas' and 'tika' are also the Canadian indigenous Cree words for 'two rivers joining together'.

Gold paint and oil on canvas with painted pink background
300cm x 75cm

Brainwave (full & detail)
32 framed mixed media collage/photomontage on yellow background
240cm x 60cm (approx)

Photographs and mixed media on paper

PREMONITIONS — Current projects

Premonitions is a series of paintings that open up spaces for the viewer to inhabit and 'dream'.

Each image is worked differently but all have resulted from paint being poured and marbleised on the surface. Everything is left to chance and the glazing that follows, is worked in relation to the flow of shapes that are created. The final layer is a maelstrom of mark making that occupies the foreground. The ordered detail of the marks, contrast with the chaotic and unpredictable process of dripping paint.

It perhaps parallels the physical energy of our thoughts as they transgress the brain. We have ordered, logical systems, which are contrasted with dreams and premonitions, that we struggle to make sense of. However we know that this part of the brain, which ‘dreams’, gives us a profound sense of ourselves and is often equated with a spiritual ancestry.

Premonitions 1 to 22 seeks to trigger that layer of our mind and explore an inner world that ultimately is beyond logical comprehension.

See the artist at work on Premonitions in the film Brighton: Symphony of a City (2016), by Lizzie Thynne and Ed Hughes

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Premonitions 1 to 22
Oil and mixed media on MDF board
51cm wide x 15cm height x 1cm depth