2014                              A Diary of events and The story of our garden this year.

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Wednesday 1st January - This morning the CVP Health Walkers met at the Beaumont car park for their annual New Year's Day walk and lunched afterwards in the pub
hw003s hw002s hw001s
It was cold, wet and windy but worth the effort.  Ten turned up to walk but another eight joined us for lunch.

Thursday 2nd January - 11 mile cycle ride

Saturday 4th January - 16 mile cycle ride

Monday 6th January - First bus-pass-bus to Preston to exchange gifts and use up gift tokens.
First I used my W H Smiths token to buy these books.  This token was for my birthday last year!

001s 002s
We had lunch at Raffles and I used my Waterstone's token to buy these paperbacks

Tuesday 7th January - we both went on the Health Walk

Thursday 9th January - Sue went on Health Walk, Michael cycled 13 miles

Sunday 12th January - not a very good day but it was dry so we decided to venture out to Southport.  We arrived just after noon so we parked on the front near the pier.  Their were a few GP14s on the Marine Lake as we walked to Beales (formerly Broadbent's) for lunch, which was OK. it's also very civilised.  
We went on the Lloyd's shop to give him some custom.
sthprt05s sthprt04s sthprt03s sthprt02s
Walking back to the car we came across all these bikers at the pier head.  The photo of me is for my ICC, which is due for renewal.  The pier bus was running and the refurbishment of Victoria Park is nearing completion, the park is a building site.

When we got back to the car, it was low water, you can just make out the sea on the horizon!  Neap tide today so it does go even further out on spring tides.

Monday 13th January - 16.4 mile cycle ride.

Tuesday 14th January - Walked to bike shop to get new brake blocks and a levered saddle lock.  Carried on walking to Farington Lodge, Centurion Way, across the fields to Fowler Lane, across the fields to Farington way and home down Croston Road.

Wednesday 15th January - 12 mile cycle ride.  Decide to deviate a little onto a new cycle path but there was at least six patches of quagmire and a 15m long flood?
Our new set-top box arrived from Virgin.

Thursday 16th January - Sue went on the Health Walk and Michael stayed in to oversee the boiler service, we woke up to no heating - just like 'the good old days'.

Friday 17th January - Another bike ride - 10.7 miles.  It was afternoon and darker than the morning rides.

Sunday 19th January - We did some work in the garden!  We put the new nesting box up and repaired seven fence panels.

nestbox02s fence01s

Monday 20th January - Cycled 12 miles

Tuesday 21st January - Health Walk

Wednesday 22nd January - Cycled to doctor's and back 3.5 miles and then an 11.3 mile ride before lunch.  Sue at the dentist's in the afternoon.

Thursday 23rd January - We both went on the Health Walk, Sue and two friends doing the shorter route and having the tea/coffee and biscuits ready when we arrived back at the barn.
hw010s hw008s hw011s
I've never noticed so many catkins before, the yellow in the first photo

hw007s hw005s
Climbing the last hill, a rest at the top and the Hall, nearly home.


Friday 24th January - Bike ride through the Park heading south - 11 miles.  Afternoon shopping in Preston, via the bus, to get Dorothy's birthday present.  We also got Sue two pairs of trousers, a shirt and jumper!!!

Monday 27th January - Bike ride - Eye Tests; Sue OK; Michael referred for cataract operation

Tuesday 28th January - Health Walk

Thursday 29th January - We both went on the Health Walk

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Saturday 1st February - Managed a bike ride.  Did 139 miles in January

Monday 3rd February - Yesterday I started work on widening the border on the north side of the back garden - today, as it was dry I decide not to cycle but carry on with the border this is where I started today:
004s 002s
It didn't look much different when I'd finished but I'd removed lots of hard core and the solid motar base for the granite sets - two trips to the tip.

Tuesday 4th February - I decided not to walk today but carry on with my project to widen the border
011s 012s
Another trip to the tip with the remaining hard core and motar and two trips to the garden centre for a total of 400 litres of top soil.

Thursday 6th February - We both went on the Health Walk
002s 007s 0281s
Sue's the lady in red

Friday 7th February - 11 mile ride, had my first puncture after just over 2 miles but managed to fit my spare tube without needing back-up, it took me a while though.

Monday 10th February - 16 mile bike ride in glorious sunshine - a bit cold

Tuesday 11th February - Health Walk - A good turnout considering the weather - twelve.  We all made our way to the Barn driving through rain and hail . . . .

Thursday 13th February - We both went on the Health Walk today

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 14th, 15th & 16th February - atrocious weather, high winds and heavy rain

Monday 17th February - Michael to Fulwood Hall to see Opthamlic Consultant - Mr Raines

Tuesday 18th February - Michael went on the Health Walk

Also took several photos in the garden
032s 031s

Wednesday 19th February - Michael worked in garden instead of going for a bike ride.

Thursday 20th February - We both walked this morning and had lunch at Morrison's - liver and onions

Saturday 22nd February - cleaned the north-side gutters, found they don't have a fall, dip in the middle.

Monday 24th February - Repaired another fence panel and the two 'arches' in the back garden
fence01s fence02s

Tuesday 25th February - We both went on the Health Walk today
011-2s 006s

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Saturday 1st March - Carried on tidying up the back garden.  Planted out the Rose tree, the remaining Clematis, the herbs and the Winter ...
moss02s moss01s rose01s

Monday 3rd March - Michael attended Fulwood Hall Hospital for biometric measurements of his eyes for cataract operations.

Thursday 6th March - Sad day today, we went to Ray Hill's funeral.  Ray was a member of Suzie's Breathe Easy Group.

Friday 7th March - worked in the garden

Saturday 8th March - Garden again.  We're findingthat we can only do two hour stints these days but managed before and after lunch.

Sunday 9th March - More gardening, it is beginning to look tidier at last
front02s front03s
We've got rid of most of the grass, wild pansies and weeds from the front border

Monday 10th March - ten mile bike ride then more gardening in the afternoon.

Tuesday 11th March - Michael managed the Health Walk but Suzie felt too tired.  We both attacked the weeds again in the afternoon.
pond01s heron01s

Wednesday 12th March - Another bike ride this time over 16 miles, the weather has been glorious for the last few days!
trambrdgs celndn01s
Today's route takes me over the Tram Bridge, my favourite bridge.  I like crossing thi brodge into Avenham Park.  the Celandines are nea where I took the photo of the bridge from.

bridg01s daisys

The tides going out and you can hear the water rushing over the rocky river bed, we love the sound.

Thursday 13th March - Health Walk
019s 12s an accidenal self-portrait

Saturday 15th March - Gardening - Cut down Skyrocket in front garden

Sunday 16th March - Cut back the holly bush and started to trim the conifers between drives, managed the one nearest the road

Tuesday 18th March - Health Walk

Wednesday 19th March - Finished triming conifers

Sunday 23rd March - We picked Damian up from Wigan and went to find the Singing Ringing Tree at Burnley and then on to Townley Hall for lunch and a look round the hall.
009s 029s

Monday 24th March - There are four of these pantopticans so we, Sue Damian and I,went to find the Atom at Wycollar and had a lovely day out in Wycollar Country Park
w011s w024s
It was windy and Sue found the going difficult

Tuesday 25th March - We attended the British Lung Foundation North West Conference with Anne.

Thursday 27th March - Health Walk in the morning, Michael leading, and Breathe Easy in the afternoon

Monday 31st March - Michael's last bike ride in March, managed 110 miles in March.

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Tuesday 1st April - Michael leading the Health Walk again

Wednesday 2nd April - Sue went on a spending spree in St. Anne's, well she bought a top from Country Casuals.

Thursday 3rd April - Health Walk

Tuesday 8th April - Health Walk - Michael

Thursday 10th April - Health Walk

Tuesday 15th April - Michael had a cataract removed from his right eye at Fulwood Hall Hospital - NHS operation in a private hospital.

Thursday 17th April - Health Walk

Friday 18th April - Good Friday - We walked over the Moss to listen to the Skylarks and Lapwings 
image 2

Monday 21st April - Easter Monday - We walked with Trudie and Dave through Cuerden Valley Park

Tuesday 22nd April - Michael went on the Health Walk 
m20140422s 023s

Thursday 24th April - Health Walk in the morning, Michael leading and Breathe Easy in the afternoon where Ian gave an interesting talk on historical events in Chorley 

Tuesday 28th April - Health Walk

Sue went to the Opticians and was sent to the Royal Preston Hospital who sent her to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for emergency Vitreoretinal Surgery on her left eye on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday 29th April - Follow-up apointment to check cataract operation

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Sunday 4th May - Sponsored Cycle Ride
cycl02s certs cycl01s
About to set off - Certificate - Arriving home with the awarded 'completion' T shirt

Tuesday 6th May - Health Walk

Thursday 8th May - Health Walk and Breathe Easy Exercise Class in the afternoon

Sunday 11th May - Michael went on the Dawn Chorus Walk - 0500 hours start!  In the afternoon we went to the St. Catherine's Plant Sale also for Michael to be interviewed on Radio Lancashire and photographed for the Volunteers' on walk on 3rd June.  Elizabeth is my cousin.
radiocars radiocar2s sc01s sc02s

Monday 12th May - off to the hospital for Suzie's check-up - OK come back in six weeks

Tuesday 13th May - Health Walk

Thursday 15th May - Health Walk

Tuesday 20 May - Michael leading the Health Walk

Wednesday 21st May - Fitted door back on Trudie's kitchen unit, she's had to have a new washing machine, and a new lock on their back door

Thursday 22nd May - Michael leading the Health Walk

Tuesday 27th May - Michael hospital for check up

Thursday 29th May - Health Walk
004s 02s

Friday 30th May - cycled through the Park this morning

Saturday 31st May - Trudie's Birthday
trudie1s trudie2s
We walked inthe Park after lunch

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Sunday 1st June - my birthday
Up at 0600 hours and out on the bike, 16 miles before breakfast

park01s orchid01s
Our first orchid - Trudie & Lloyd took us for another walk in the Park

Tuesday 3rd June - Volunteers Celebration Walk - Michael led a special walk through the Park
bob14s bob04s bob08s

Wednesday 4th June - we picked up our hanging baskets

Thursday 5th June - Michael had his second cataract operation - left eye, at Fulwood Hall Hospital
patch02s patch01s

Tuesday 10th June - Michael went on a Health Walk

Thursday 12th June - Damian's birthday and our 'official wedding anniversary - 43 years'.  We went on a Health Walk

Tuesday 17th June - Michael went on a Health Walk

Thursday 19th June - ?

Tuesday 24th June - Sue's birthday, Michael had a check up appointment at Fulwood Hall Hospital but managed to get back in time for the Health Walk

Thursday 26th June - We both went on a Health Walk in the Park
730s 734s

Friday 27th June to Sunday 13th July we had a holiday with Daphne in Cornwall

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Friday 27th June to Sunday 13th July we had a holiday with Daphne in Cornwall

Monday 14th July - Michael gave another blood sample.  
Sue rang the hospital, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, and they said come in straight away.  She had been experiencing problems on holiday and was worried things weren’t right.  The hospital were concerned and after seeing her said come back tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday 15th July - Went back to MREH and they fixed Sue up with operation tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th July - at 7.00am we got a phone call – “please don’t set off yet”, they postponed the operation

Thursday 17th July - Michael went on a Helath Walk

Friday 18th July - Sue eventually had the operation in the evening.  Part of her retina was still detached and her lens was impenetrable.  They worked on her retina but replaced her lens first.  She stayed in overnight.

Saturday 19th July - Michael brought Sue home in the morning after she had seen a surgeon

Sunday 20th July - picked Damian up from his Mum's and we had a walk in the Park
P7200001s d720s

Monday 21st July - Michael & Damian went to Formby Point while Sue convalesced at home
d72102s d72101s P7210021s

Tuesday 22nd July - Michael saw the Urologist, Mr. Matanhelia, PSA 10+ rcommended a biopsy.

Thursday 24th July- went ot MREH with to have check up on Sue's eye

Michael attended Peggy's Breathe Easy Buffet in the afternoon, Sue wasn't well enough to go.
Photo8021s Photo8022s


Friday 25th July - Michael had a Prostate Ultrasound Scan and Biopsy

Tuesday 29th July - Michael led a Health Walk in the Park

Wednesday 30th July - Michael's acupuncture

Thursday 31st July - Michael went on a Health Walk in the Park

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Tuesday 5th August - Michael went to Chorley Hospital for his biopsy results - cancer in the right side of his prostate.

Thursday 7th August - a short Health Walk then an MRI scan for Michael at Chorley Hospital

Monday 11th August - went to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for Suzie's check up and things aren't good. She has to have another operation at 0730 hours Wednesday Morning

Tuesday 12th August - another Health Walk, this time in the torrential rain, actually it held off until we were safely uder the tree umberella

Mid afternoon we went for a short walk in the Park on the top level
P8120001s P8120004s P8120008s
We sat in front of the Hall soaking up the late afternoon sun, last photo

Wednesday 13th August - Sue had her third eye operation!

Thursday 14th August - Sue had to stay in hospital.   Operation not successful! Brought her home in the afternoon.  Next operation scheduled for Wednesday the 20th

Saturday 16th August - got new computer!

Monday 18th August - got my web programme working again!  First bike ride for nine weeks, just to doctors' and back.

Tuesday 19th August - Cycled to Park, walked and cycled home.  In the afternoon fell off steps pruning Magnolia tree.  Went to Chorley A&E - small puncture in my right lung but everything else OK - it hurts

Wednesday 20th August - Not able to take Suzie to Manchester so Dave took her for her fourth operation.  She's staying in overnight so Dave and Trudie visited her this afternoon. It really hurst today.  Michael - MRI scan shows prostate cancer larger than expected but still confined to gland.  Go to see urology nurse on September 4th to discuss treatment. Three months hormone treatment and then radio therapy.

Thursday 21st August - Dave & Trudie brought Suzie home

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Thursday 4th September - Michael went to Chorley Hospital to get his cancer treatment sorted

Monday 8th September - Dave & Trudie took Suzie to MREH for her check-up. As far as they could see everything was OK.  In the afternoon she had a plain lens fitted to her glasses.  To go again in four then six weeks.

Sunday 28th September - Picked Damian up from Wigan and walked round Worthington Lakes.  Suzie sat in the car and read. Longest driving that Michael had done since his fall.  Suzie can't see well enough to drive at the moment
008s 004s

Monday 29th September - Walked with Damian in Cuerden Valley Park
0101s 013s 0161s 0151s

Tuesday 30th September - Michael's first Health Walk since he fell off the steps

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Sunday 5th October - Michael managed a short bike ride today, 6.4 miles, round Midge Hall - flat course.

Tuesday 7th October - Michael went on a Health Walk

Thursday 9th October - We both went on a Helath Walk

Friday 10th October - Trudie and Lloyd took us to Manchester REH for Suzie's eye check Up.  Everything seems OK.

In the afternoon Suzie booked Michael in to see the doctor who sent Michael to Preston Primary Care Centre - suspected DVT

Saturday 11th October - went to Preston Primary Care Centre for an injection - told we could do Sunday's and Monday's ourselves which means Suzie

Monday 13th October - Michael's Soladex injection at the Doctor's

Tuesday 14th October - We went to Preston Primary Care Centre for Michael's Venogram.  The results show that there is a clot from the top of the calf under the knee and into the thigh.  Support stockings for two years and Clarex injections daily for six months.

Thursday 16th October - We went on a Health Walk in the Park in the morning

041s 003s 034s
In the afternoon Steven came and cut the tops of the hawthorn tree and cleared the sides of the drive, we helped by tidying up.  He also cut away the shrubs etc. so that he could swing his car (and all others) round into the turning space.

Friday 17th October - Michael started to weed rose bed and also cut back most of the roses

Saturday 18th October - Went to Tesco's but couldn't get what we wanted - syrups of figs so went to Booths

Afternoon, Michael did more weeding in front garden - only managed an hour

Tuesday 21st October - Michael went on the Health Walk

Saturday 25th October - We shopped in the morning but in the afternoon we went for a ride in the hills - Anglezarke
002s 005s 001s
We came over Belmont Moor to reach this spot overlooking Anglezarke reservoir. We could see Blackpool tower and pleasure beach and I think the Welsh hills.

004s 003s
We had lovely sunshine but then the sun started to hide

Monday 27th October - the fencing bits arrived mid morning and we worked all day with Steven's help
021s fences
Before                                               After

Tuesday 28th October - we both went on the Health Walk
001s m20141028s DSCF0472s

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Saturday 1st November - 9.2 mile bike ride including Park

Tuesday 4th November - we both went on the Health Walk and then had lunch at Sainsbury's
DFCS0554s DFCS0560s

Wednesday 5th November - A glorious day so Sue persuaded me to take her to Southport.Michael was so tired we rode on the tram back into Southport
DSCF0567s DSCF0605s DSCF0625s

On the way back we called at Sainsbury's, Bamber Bridge.  Whist sitting in the car I noticed the New Mill was coming down!  Mum used to be weaver there before she married Dad.

Thursday 6th November - We both did the Health Walk again

Friday 7th November - Went with Sue, Trudie & Lloyd took us, the MREH for Sue's check-up. Things seem to be progressing OK.  They are going to arrange another operation to take the oil out now.  Sadly she'll never get much sight back in the eye. They said her other eye is fine and unlikely to have the same problem.

Sunday 9th November - Michael went for a bike ride 10.9 miles along the Leyland Community Loop
Photos taken on the Leyland Community Loop. The River Lostock between Earnshaw Bridge and Dunkirk Lane.

Tuesday 11th November - We both went on the Health Walk

Thursday 13th November - Health Walk again

We went to Breathe Easy in the afternoon.  

In the evening we went to a talk about deer in Britain, very interesting and enjoyable

Saturday 15th November - Michael did another Bike ride, only 10 miles today
bike03s bike04s bike05s

bike06s bike07s

Monday 17th November - We went to Chorley on the bus.  First to the hospital for Michael to give blood for a DVT check.  We did a few errands and had lunch at Wetherspoons - The Sir Henry Tate, named after the sugar baron. apparently he started out as a grocer in Chorley

Tuesday 18th November - Michael led the the Health Walk

Thursday 20th November - Michael led the Health Walk, as it turned out the reverse of Tuesday's walk.

Saturday 22nd November - Michael managed another 10 mile bike ride but over a different route
bike11sbike12s bike 14s
Along the Ribble - Miller Park (fountain's working) - Looking back along Avenham Park

bike13s bike15s
The Old Tram Bridge

bike16s bike18s bike17s
On the higher level of the Old Tram Road riding towards Brownedge Road - 3rd photo looking back form where I had come

Sunday 23rd November - Trudie and Lloyd's Wedding Anniversary.

We picked Damian up from Wigan and he and Michael Went for a walk in Cuerden Valley Park
DSCF0707s DSCF0709s DSCF0714s DSCF00719s

mes mes

Tuesday 25th November - We both went on the Health Walk

Thursday 27th November - We both went on the Health Walk

and then in the afternoon Michael gave his talk on Sailing to the Breathe Easy Club

Saturday 29th November - Managed another bike ride, it was a lovely morning
bike21s bike20s bike19s
A few photos of the junction at Dawson Lane

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Tuesday 2nd December - We both went on the Health Walk

For lunch we went to The Mill, St. Catherine's new restaurant
Very nice.

Thursday 4th December - Again we both went on the Health Walk

Saturday 6th December- Michael did another ten mile cycle ride

Tuesday 9th December - Michael led the Health Walk while Suzie stayed home to prepare for her operation tomorrow.

In the afternoon we went to the Breathe Easy Christmas Lunch at the Wellington Park hotel.

Wednesday 10th December - Took Suzie to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for her fifth and hopefully last eye operation

Thursday 11th December - Picked Suzie up from hospital

Saturday 13th December - We went to Richard's 70th birthday celebration in Buckingham via Virgin Trains
train04s train05s train06s
Steven drove us to the station.  Our train the 0917 is on time but the one that arrives on the platform that ours comes in on is fifteen minutes late.

This is the 0858, the train in front of ours arriving

This is our train - Julie had booked us 1st Class seats!

Sadly our seats were facing backwards but there was one facing forward so Suzie travelled in that one which fortunately was available.  We arrived at Milton Keynes only a few minutes later than planned.

After the birthday tea Julie had arranged for us all to go to a pantomime in Milton Keynes - Peter Pan.  I was looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the TV but we really enjoyed it.

Sunday 14th December - Richard took us to the station, Milton Keynes.  We travelled home and Steven picked us up at Preston station.

Tuesday 16th December - Michael went on the Heath Walk

Wednesday 17th December - Michael went to RPH to be scanned and tattooed for his radio therapy which begins on the 8th January

Thursday 18th December - Michael led the Health Walk

Sunday 21st December - Michael did a 13.5 mile bike ride

Monday 22nd December - We went to Manchester REH for Sue's check-up and were told her retina was still in place, which was good news.  She will never regain her sight properly in the eye.  Have to go again in six weeks

Tuesday 23rd December - Health Walk

Thursday 25th December - Christmas at Trudie's

Friday 26th December - Boxing Day at Alison & Paul's.  Michael went for walk with Alison and Damian

Saturday 27th December - Our hibernating butterfly died or rather was saved from further suffering
bfly02s bflys
We first spotted it in November when Michael swept it up thinking it was a leaf.  He put in on a bookshelf but it soon flew back to inside the doorstep.  Today it was moving around.  sue fed it some sugary water but it fell over and appeared to be stuck to the paper so Damian ended it's suffering.

Afternoon - Gregory's get-together at Jean's

Tuesday 30th December - Michael led a Health Walk to the Mound, Buckshaw

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