2016                              A Diary of events and The story of our garden this year.

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Tuesday 8th November - Health Walk

Thursday 10th November - Health Walk

Friday 11th November - Suzie said lets walk over the Moss to Duxbury's for lunch
moss01s moss02s
On our way we were lucky enough to see a train.  Prior to that we'd had an altercation with a workman because he said we had no right to enter his working area across the top end of Moss Lane.

moss03s moss04s moss05s
On our way back.  Decided not to cross the Moss again becasue it was too muddy.  Note my white poppy.  I and the seat are along Farington Lodges.

Saturday 12th November - Worked on new building
vis07s vis08s vis09s
We fitted noggins to the classroom wall

Tuesday 15th November - Health Walk

Wednesday 16th November - we both saw Dr Craven, Suzie's medication review and my spots

Thursday 17th November - Health Walk

Saturday 19th November - Worked on new building.
vis04s vis06s vis05s
The main task today was fitting straps to the studs on the classroom dividing wall.  This involved moving piles of wood to get at the floor joist below.  Between the four of us we fitted sixteen straps.  Studs and noggins fitted above classroom door.

Came home to find hole in the roof and ceiling come down in the bedroom.

Sunday 20th November - Steven volunteered to help
Steven came down, surveyed the damage and shot off to B&Q to get some plasterboard and then with our help he put it up.  I'd still be thinking about it but Stene has got it all sorted


Report now in chronological order


Monday 1st January - Health Walk - Michael Walked and Suzie came for the meal

Saturday 2nd January - Trudie helped to put the Christmas tree and lights away.  Suzie worked hard and helped helped Trudie in the evening.

Sunday 3rd January - Did a little tidying up

Tuesday 5th January - Health Walk

Thursday 7th January - Health Walk

Monday 11th January - Spent the day preparing and painting the skirting boards in the front room where we had had the central heating pipes - very wearying and not very satisfying - dissapointing.

Tuesday 12th January - Health Walk

Thursday 14th January - Health Walk

                  In the afternoon we had the Breathe Easy Exercise Class round at our house.  Wright's Fold, our normal meeting place, is closed for refurbishment so we                   couldn't exercise but we had a policeman and community support officer round to give us a talk on "In the know", crime prevention, security etc.

Tuesday 19th January - Health Walk
Thursday 21st January - Health Walk

Tuesday 26th January - Health walk

Wednesday 27th January - we cleaned the bird feeders, water trough and bird tables

Thursday 28th January - Health Walk

                It was Breathe Easy again this afternoon and we went round to Peggy's for Ed to give a talk on his allotment

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Tuesday 2nd February - Health Walk

Thursday 4th February - Health Walk

Friday 5th February - Lytham St. Annes for lunch
002s 003s 006s 007s

Tuesday 9th February - Health Walk

Wednesday 10th February - Moved Sparrow Box from front gable-end to Hawthorn tree in front garden
001s 002s

Thursday 11th February - Health Walk

             In the afternoon we went to the Breathe Easy Group meeting back in our usual meeting place
             022s 025s 031s

Tuesday 16th February - Health Walk

                  In the afternoon we drove down to Richard and Julie's in Maids Moreton, Buckingham.  We had a very pleasaant journey down, no hold-ups and no rain.

Wednesday 17th February - we went to Auntie Kath's funeral at the Priory Church in Dunstable.  Afterwards we met up with all our relations and friends at the Old Palace Lodge.  Julie drove us there and back.

              002-03s r002s
              The view outside Richard's front door, early morning.  Sadly it soon deteriorated to rain.

Thursday 18th February - Drove home from Richard and Julie's

Monday 22nd February - We shook ourselves off and spent most of the day at Martin Mere Wildlife Trust.  It was dry, a little sunny but the strong wind was bitter.  Michael took many photos which are on Facebook
m003s m001s

Tuesday 23rd February - Health Walk - Michael leading was shattered afterwards and went to sleep in the afternoon
002s s216as

Wednesday 24th February - Michael's first attempt at jogging!  I did a 35 minute walk/jog and found I can now jog for a few minutes at a time.  I would guess that of the 35 minutes I probavly did a total of 15 minutes jogging in 2 or 3 minute sessions.
The River Lostock.  I walked along here a month ago just after the floods and it was quite barren but nature is picking itself up again.  This is somewhere between Longmeanygate and Dunkirk Lane.

Thursday 25th February - Health Walk, lovely sunny but icy morning

                 Breathe Easy in the afternoon - The speaker didn't turn up, family bereavement, so Peggy entertained us with her 'quizzes' and anecdotes

Friday 26th February - We went to Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve - more photos in the afternoon
lb012s lb021s lb043s lb047s

Sunday 28th February - the Barn, LWT at the Park for tea and toast with Carmel

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Tuesday 1st March - Health Walk, a bit wet

Thursday 3rd March - Health Walk

Friday 4th March - We went to watch Gizelle, England Youth Ballet, at the Charter Theatre, Preston - very enjoyable

Sunday 6th March - Trudie treated us to lunch with Jenny and Gerry at the Millstone, Horwich - lovely meal
mill02s mill01s

Tuesday 8th March - Health Walk

Thursday 10th March - Health Walk

Saturday 12th March - Lloyd treated us to a view from his hotel room at the Macron (Reebok) Stadium to watch Preston beat Bolton 2-1.  Sadly it looks like Bolton will be relegated

Tuesday 15th March - Health Walk

Wednesday 16th March - Car in for service and MOT at Blackburn so we had a look round Witton Park. Had lunch there and then spent a few hours with Elizabeth.  She has a lovely house on a hill with glorious views
witton01s witton02s

Thursday 17th March - Health Walk, Suzie at the opticians trying her new contact lens

Friday 18th March - Damian was up from London and we walked along the river Ribble from the docks until Suzie got entangled in the briars, ruining her trousers.

Saturday 19th March - Asley Park and Hall
astley02s astley01s

Sunday 20th March - Michael helped Derian House with their fund raising 'dog' walk, Wags & Wellies in the the Park

Monday 21st March - Yarrow Valley Park.  The Visitors Centre was open and we found four different walks leaflets.  We chose to do the Green Walk - 2.5 miles.

Tuesday 22nd March - Health Walk

Thursday 24th March - Health Walk - a bit wet

Tuesday 29th March - Health Walk

Wednesday 30th March - Our southern nieces and children, Caz, Nici, Jordan, Lauren and Josh all came to see us and we went to Blackpool to go up the tower!
b011s b029s b016s

     b032s b100s

        Caz wanted to see the 'famous ballroom'.  Caz and I got tickets for the dance floor but we panicked when we saw the 'experts' - no room for beginners
        b036s b040s

Thursday 31st March - Health Walk

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Sunday 3rd April - Is our bird going to build a nest?
bird001s bird004s
We caught in the nestbox today.  More nest building material is in evidence.  Are they going to build at last?

Tuesday 5th April - Health Walk

Thursday 7th April - Health Walk

Friday 8th April - We went to the Gregson Lane Folk Club to see Tim Chu and Ian Bailey performing a celebration of Simon & Garfunkel's music.  Fantastic night out.  Incredible guitar playing. Bernadette and Graham were an excellent introduction.
folk005s folk006s folk009s folk012s

Tuesday 12th April - Health Walk - wet again

Thursday 14th April - Health Walk

Saturday 16th April - Preston Mela
mela001s mela009s mela023s mela032s

Monday 18th April - We went to the North West Breathe Easy Network Meeting at Leigh

Tuesday 19th April - Health Walk
me01s me02s

Wednesday 20th April - We walked in the Park assessing if it was safe to walk along the river and to check out the stepping stones.  The flood damage is quite extensive, well to me it is, looks like a battle ground.
park01s park03s
The stepping stones near the Town Brow car park have been partially swept away and covered up - no way can you cross and keep dry or perhaps cross without more than likely slipping in.

park018s park021s park022s
The ones near the Covert Pond are a little better. The silt, well stones and sand have built up on the west side, raised the level of the river and the two on the east side are submerged.  We watched two young women cross and they both got their feet wet.

Thursday 21st April - Health Walk

Tuesday 26th April - Health Walk

Thursday 28th April - Morning - Health Walk

             Afternoon - Breathe Easy Singalong with Trouble at 'Mill
             063s 074s 068s 066s

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Tuesday 3rd May - Health Walk

Thursday 5th May - Health Walk

Friday 6th May - Morning - Lead Mines Clough
riv009s riv010s riv017s riv035s

              Lunch at Royal Arms Tockholes

              Afternoon - Tockholes Plantation
              toch039s toch046s toch051cs toch055s

Saturday 7th May - St. Anne's
stann001s stann002s stann004s stann013s

Tuesday 10th May - Health Walk

Thursday 12th May - Health Walk

Tuesday 17th May - Health Walk

Thursday 19th May - Health Walk
026s 060s

Tuesday 24th May - Health Walk

Thursday 26th May - Health Walk

Sunday 29th May - Bike ride
bike002s bike009s

Tuesday 31st May - Health Walk

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Thursday 2nd June - Health Walk

Friday 3rd June - tried to run along the Lostock while Suzie had her hair cut
lostock009s lostock011s lostock016s

Tuesday 7th June - Health Walk/Volunteers Walk

Thursday 9th June - Health Walk

Tuesday 14th June - Health Walk

Thursday 16th June - Health Walk - No we didn't make the Health Walk.  Michael had to go to Chorley hospital for a Flexible Sigmoidoscop - no problems everything OK

Tuesday 21st June - Health Walk

Thursday 23rd June - Health Walk

Friday 24th June - Suzie's 80th Birthday
Lunch with Tudie and Jaja at Luciano's at the Mill

Saturday 25th June - Found this photo of an athletic Suzie approximately 65 years ago

               Richard and Julie came up from Bukingham to give us lunch at Farington Lodge

Sunday 26th June - Suzie's surprise birhtday party organised by Trudie and Steven at the Ley Inn

Tuesday 28th June - Health Walk

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Tuesday 5th July - Health Walk

Thursday 7th July - Health Walk - a bit wet

      ¬†Afternoon- Breathe Easy Summer Lunch Outing to St. Catherine's Mill

Tuesday 12th July - Health Walk

Thursday 14th July - Health Walk

Tuesday 19th July - Health Walk

Thursday 21st July - Health Walk

Tuesday 26th July - Health Walk

Thursday 28th July - No once again we didn't get to the Health Walk.  We were on our way to a Premier Inn in Torquay

Friday 29th July - Ann's funeral, quiet but lovely.

We arrived early saw Ann and had lunch with Joan and Gavin, her son, at China Blue as recommended by the funeral directors, very good.

Returned to Dorothy's for tea.  They said hter wasn't anything afterwards but they had laid on food at Dorothy's.  It went down well for tea.

Saturday 30th July - Coleton Fishacre.  

Picked up Dorothy and took her to Coleton Fishacre a National Trust property and garden not far away.

We arrived just in time for an early lunch.

After lunch we looked round the house, just my cup of tea.  I'd move in tomorrow.  Then we decided to partake of the garden tour given by one of the gardeners.

coleton055s coleton 058s coleton073s


We returned to Dorothy's and she made us tea before we returned to our hotel.

Sunday 31st July - Greenway - NT House, Agatha Christie's last home

Sunday is Melanie's day so Dorothy declined to come with us but she invited us for tea.

007s greenacre121s greenacre121cs grenacre114s


greenacre168s greenacre174s greenacre172s

Walked down to the Quay at Stoke Gabriel

sgabriel180s sgabriel182s sgabriel188s

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Monday 1st August- Knightshayes Court - left Torquay for home in the morning with rain

knightsh190s knightsh193s knightsh191s knightsh195s

knightsh208s knightsh213s knighths219s knightsh222s

We had lunch before looking round outside than we set off home again

Tuesday 2nd August - Health Walk

Thursday 4th August - Health Walk

Friday 5th August - Jodrell Bank with Damian

jbank002s jbankd5538s jbank004s jbsnk016s

jbank27s jbank032s jbank010s jbank025s


Saturday 6th August - 16 mile Bike Ride with Damian

Tuesday 9th August - Health Walk

Thursday 11th August - Health Walk

                Afternoon - Breathe Easy Exercise Class

Sunday 14th August - 10 mile Bike Ride

For Lunch - St. Annes
stann003s stann004s stann006s stann013s

then Fleetwood
fwood015s fwood016s

Tuesday 16th August - Health Walk

Thursday 18th August - Health Walk
016s 091s

Tuesday 23rd August - Health Walk

Thursday 25th August - Health Walk

         Afternoon - Breathe Easy - talk by Clare of the Fire and Rescue Service

Sunday 28th August - Michael 10 mile bike ride

Tuesday 30th August - Health Walk

Wednesday 31st August - managed to sort some books out for Sue Ryder and to make room for others

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Thursday 1st September - Health Walk


Friday 2nd September - Preston on the bus, being taken away fom us on Monday!  No 115 and now no 111.  Tea ar M&S, very good chicken and mushroom pie.

Rare outing after dark at Gregson Lane Folk Club. Memorable evening with the warm up lads

Jamie & Simon Blatchley (son and father) followed by

Scolds Bridle with heart breaking memories of holidays in Fleetwood when I was a child.
Photos on my mobile which I haven't got the hang of yet. Sorry not very good. Couldn't get a better photo of the women because someone came late and sat in front of us.

Sunday 4th September - 10 mile bike ride

Tuesday 6th September - Health Walk

Thursday 8th September - Health Walk

Breathe Easy Exercise Class in the afternoon

Friday 9th September - Gardening

Saturday 10th September - Michael worked on CVP's new building for the first time

Sunday 11th September - Michael did his 10 mile bike ride and then did some gardening.

Monday 12th September - More gardening - the back north side is almost weed free!

Tuesday 13th September - Health Walk
009s 020cs

Thursday 15th September - Health Walk
carol04scarol14s carol08s carol18scarol027s

Friday 16th September - Michael did 16 mile bike ride in the afernoon, the same route as with Damian earlier

Saturday 17th September - Michael worked on new building for the second time
This photo was taken on the 24th. We, Chairman John and I, Colin was indisposed, fitted one stud and twelve noggins.

Sunday 18th September - We went to Arnside for lunch with some of Michael's old workmates and managed to catch the Arnside Bore
arnsd04s arnsd03s arnsd05s
The tide was a spring tide but it was high pressure and no wind so the bore was disappointing.

arnsd02s arns01s arsd06s arnsd07s
This is us having our lunch, the hotel and the view across from the front at high water.

Tuesday 20th September - Health Walk

Thursday 22nd September - Health Walk

Friday 23rd September - Michael worked hard in garden while Suzie worked hard in the house.  Replaced big water butt wooden support with bricks and flag.  Not good enough but sorted out a better way oif doing it.  Also cleared top right-hand corner of vegetation where the black and white cat hides to catch birds.

Saturday 24th September - Michael's third Saturday working on the new building
cvp001s 002s
Colin Admiring our handiwork. Second photo - This was our morning efforts on the new building working with Chairman John.
3 studs and 6 noggins
I learnt a new meaning of the word 'noggin' last week. It's a horizontal bracing piece used between wall studs or floor joists to give rigidity to the wall or floor frames of a building.
In the afternoon we fitted 3 more noggins and out of sight on the right a bottom plate and another stud

Sunday 25th September - 10 mile bike ride

Tuesday 27th September - Health Walk

Thursday 29th September - Health Walk


Saturday 1st October - Michael's fourth Saturday working on the new building
001s 002s
Colin working in the area where we were erecting studs and noggins

Tuesday 4th October - Health Walk

Thursday 6th October - Health Walk

Saturday 8th October -Michael's fifth Saturday working on the new building
8004s 8009s 8011s
Secretary John joined us today

Tuesday 11th October - Health Walk

Thursday 13th October - Health Walk

Breathe easy in the afternoon
002s 008s 009s 018s
Mickaela Johnson gave us a talk on Mindfulness breathing

Friday 14th October - Damian visited us

14001s 14011s 14029s 14041s
In the afternoon we walked along the Guild Wheel from Shaws Arms for a couple of miles

Saturday 15th October - Michael had broken in spots and red patches all over

Sunday 16th October - Walk in the park with Damian
16003s 16005s 16006s 16007s
We walked in the Cow Field which many of the Health Walkers won't enter because of the cows so it was an enjoyable change from the usual walks in the Park with wide open views

Looking back up the field which we had just walked down

Tuesday 18th October - Health Walk

Wednesday 19th October - Visit to Turton tower
19002s 19010s 19026s 19036s
We arrived for lunch and then looked round the house then wanderinground the area.

Thursday 20th October - Health Walk

Friday 21st October - Training - well trying
21001s 21002s 21003s

While Suzie has a haircut I walked, jogged and rested for over thirty minutes between Earnshaw Bridge and Slater Lane

Tuesday 25th October - Health Walk

Wednesday 26th October - Gawthorpe Hall

Thursday 27th October - Health Walk

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Tuesday 1st November - Health Walk

Thursday 3rd November - Health Walk

nordic00snordic01s nordic02s
Afternoon - Michael's second Nordic Walking lesson

Saturday 5th November - Working on new building again
vis03s vis02s vis01s
Six studs and four noggins to make the north wall of the classroom

Sunday 6th November - Walk in the Park

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