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Sunday January 1st - Happy New Year everyone. - Heath Walkers' New Year Party


Monday January 2nd - Damian was with us so we went to Cleveleys for lunch and a walk along the shore


Sunday January 8th - Michael turned up a the sailing club to officiate and there we're not many racers so he got the opportunity to race as they agreed to timed themselves.


Tuesday 10th January - We took poart in today's Health Walk from Clayton Green Sports Centre


Saturday 14th January - Michael sailed the Topper - twice this year already

Sunday 15th January - We were on Tea Shop duty today, we had a good day.

Tuesday 17th January - We took part in today's Health Walk from Clayton Green Sports Centre

Wednesday 18th January - In the high winds a couple of weeks ago we lost two fence panels from the north fence, the first time we've lost any panels on this side.  Using bill's trailer today, we took the broken panels to the tip and bought two new ones - just need to get them in place now.  In days gone by I could have done this myself but time has taken its toll on me - besides they are next to Bill greenhouse and I wouldn't want to slip and break some glass.

Thursday 19th January - Worked out how Suzie and I could get the fence panels in place and managed to do it - not bad for septuagenarians.


Tuesday 24th January - We went on another Health Walk this morning, sadly Sue gave up halfwway and spent the rest of the morning in Sue Ryder's Cafe waithing for Michael to bring the car round.  

By the time Michael got there she had recovered and we had lunch there.  The Sue Ryder volunteers in the cafe were very good to Sue so we spent more money with them buying books and a top for Sue.

Thursday 26th January - Michael went on the Health Walk from the Barn.  In the afternoon we went to the Breathe Easy AGM.


Sunday 29th January - Michael went up to the sailing club to officiate for the racing but Ivan didn't want to sail so Michael got a sail!


Tuesday 31st January - Michael went on the Health Walk from the Sports Centre


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Friday 3rd February - We went on a quick shopping trip to Preston on the bus

ribblw02s ribble01sSue's photos
We got off the bus at Strand Road and walked into the city centre along the River Ribble and through Miller and Avenham Parks.

Sunday 5th February - We had lunch in the Tea Shop in Cuerden Valley Park


Tuesday 7th February - Sue decided not to go on the Health Walk, waiting to have a corn removed.  Michael went . . . .


Wednesday 8th February - We traveled down to Bedford to stay at the Bedford (Priory Marina) Premier Inn.  We left Leyland around 1400 hours and had an unbelievable run down.  Once we got on the motorway we didn't need to change gear or stop at all.  I think that merits the status of our best ever run south on the M6 and M1.  We arrived a little after 1700 hours 180 odd miles later.

Thursday 9th February - We attended John Holman's funeral in the crematorium, reason for our visit to Bedford.  (This is our third funeral in twentyeight days)  John was Pam's husband, Pam is an old work colleague of Sue's.  Sue was Pam's Bridesmaid and Pam was Sue's matron of honour.  The crematorium is a huge place, as big as and bigger than some churches.  It was packed with people around the sides and many standing at the back.  John was a very poular and well loved figure.

bedford01s bedford02s bedford04s
The hotel where the wake was held is the Bedford Swan Hotel, on the extreme right of the first photo, which is a merge of three photos.  The two bay windows are in the room, the State Room.
This is the same hotel, same room, the State Room, that Pam and John had their Fiftieth Wedding Celebration, which we also took part in on 21 January 2007

John and Pam at their Fiftieth.  John suffered a stroke a few years ago and, after improving, started to slip away again.
We left the wake around 1300 hours and , after stopping to change drivers at Newport Pagnell Services - the weather was forcast to be extreme from the Midlands onwards. When we got to the Midlands it did start to rain but it didn't freeze and the promised heavy snow never materialised.  Sue continued to drive all the way home and we got into Leyland around 1400 hours.

Saturday 11th February - Talk at the sailing club about Sunderland Point with photographs from the early 1900s.

Sunday 12th February - no wind so sadly no sailing.

Tuesday 14th February - Valentine's day but didn't feel romantic - another Health Walk


Thursday 16th February - Today we cut the grass for the first time.  The grassed areas, I hesitate to call them lawns, seem to have survied the winter so far but there are patcheds of moss in both of them.

Sunday 19th February - Tea Shop duty - Michael cycled to the Barn and back!

Tuesday 21st February - Health Walk in the morning.  


Thursday 23rd February - Health Walk


Friday 24th February - Day 1 of Michael's Action Plan - to make the Computer Room look tidy.  

croom01s croom02s croom03s croom04s croom05s croom06sThe room before I started - actually it looked worse than the photos

Worked on this all morning and a little after dinner.
It had rained in the morning but the sum came out in the afternoon so Michael decided to walk off some weight and get some exercise.

farlodg01s farlodg02s farlodg03s
Michael walked to Steven's to post the Radio Times and then walked through the Lodges.  The carving of the fish is still intact.

moss01ss moo02s
He crossed the railway and then had to cross the busy main road to get to the Moss.  The Moss is quite flat an could be said to be uninteresting but it's not.  Then the main road had to be crossed back further south.  Perhaps a project about the changing face of the Moss over the year?

Saturday 25th February - Worked in the garden all day - clearing the edges of the drive and what I could reach from the drive.

In the afternoon we started the Self-Management Course at St. Ambrose's Church, run by the Central Lancashire PCT.  We had to make an action plan for the week ahead.  Mine is to make the Computer Room look tidy and Sue's is to do three forty minute walks.

Sunday 26th February - Michael went sailing and Sue went to help in the Farmers' Market Tea Shop

025s 030s

Monday 27th February - Day 2 of action plans. Michael achieved his targe and Sue got another walk in.

Tuesday 28th February - Jaja's 13th birthday - he's a teenager now.  We both went on the Health Walk - Sue completing her action plan.


Tuesday 28th February - Afternoon - we attended our second Self-Management course.  Action plans this week: Michael to clear and arrange six filing cabinet drawers - four mornings; Sue to weed the rose garden - three one hour sessions.
In the evening Sue went with Jaja and Trudie to a cinema in Bolton as part of Jaja's birthday treat.

jabmx03s jbmx01s
Jaja's bought bought himself a new BMX bike - he's saved up for a year for this.  Next target: uprating his computer.

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Thursday 1st March - March already !  Went for bike ride in the Park - Cuerden Valley Park.  I'm not keen on cycling but it's supposed to be good for my knee.
I set off down Croston Road towards Preston.  I turned down Fowler Lane and came out on the Stanfield Lane.  Right along Stanifield Lane and then into Lydiate Lane to Wigan Road.  I turned left and cycled along Wigan Road to the cycleway entrance at the north end of the Park.  I cycled up to the top of the bridge over the motorway and rested for at least five minutes, if not more, while my heart slowed down – I was up to 120 beats per minute and not sure what that meant.  (Since found out I can go up to 146 but shouldwork between & 116
I rested, much the amusement of a dog walker, he’d worked out I was knackered.
I followed the cycle path all the way to Old Kem Mill and rested again, I sat on the seat overlooking the lodge for another five or ten minutes.  I wanted to explore the new track.  I got to Dawson lane and was surprised it wasn’t the end but I rested again while I decided which way to go next.  The track to Buckshaw Village didn’t look appealing so I set off along Dawson Lane to the A6.  I turned off the A6 at Kem Mill Lane and cycled back through the Park.  When I got to the stone bridge over the river near the ford, I set off up the hill to the Barn.  As soon as the road began to rise I got off and walked although staggered might be a better description.  I rested on the seat near the top for another break.  Up to the Barn then Shady Lane, Nell Lane, Wigan Road, Lydiate Lane, Stanifield Lane and Fowler Lane, Croston Road and home.
I’m pleased I made the effort, the weather couldn’t have been better.

Monday 5th March - Damian up from London again.  Suzie went off to Radio Blackburn with Trudie and Lloyd while Damian and I went to Rivington - it was a lovely sunny day, cold wind but otherwise great.
We parked at the car park on the northern side and set off up the track to Rivington Pike.

001s 002s 006s
We diverted from the track into the Leverholme Park gardens.  Here we are almost at the top of them with the Pike in sight - Damian, we're a little closer to the Pike.

pm04sPhotoshop photomerge
Panoramic view from the top to the west, form south west to north west - camera rotation 90 degrees


mich02s mich01sPhotos with me in them are by Damian
A gentleman asked us how to get to White Coppice.  After a while I remembered that I had a map!  It was cold and windy at the top despite the sunshine so we set off walking down and followed the track to the tower and then turned right along another track down to the Belmont Road.  

towers paths brges
We walked along the road westwards until we came to the path which leads back to the car park.  The path looks quite innocent but it was very boggy and difficult in places to find a place where we didn't sink up to the top of our boots.  I'm coming back over the bridge in the middle photo looking for a spot to sit down in the sun for lunch. We had our sandwiches and walked back the the car, which was over the horizon in the middle photo.

Tuesday 6th March - Health Walk


Thursday 8th March - Health Walk


Sunday 11th March - Mothers Day.  Michael did the Tea Shop Duty and Sue went to Jenny's with Trudie, Lloyd and Jaja.  Jaja's cousin Akil was there and played them some of his music

Tuesday 13th March - Health Walk


Sunday 18th March - Michael officiated at the Glasson Sailing Club Racing


Tuesday 20th March - Health Walk -

Thursday 22nd March - Health Walk -

Saturday 24th March - Michael helped to put the Marquees and Gazebos up for the Farmers Market.

Sunday 25th March - Michael sailed in the last race of the Glasson Sailing Club's Icicle Series - turning out to be the overall winner!  Sue helped at the Cuerden Valley Park Farmers' Market.

018s winners

Tuesday 27th March - Health Walk -

This was also our last day of the Expert Patients Course that we had been attending over the last six Tuesdays.

Saturday 31st March - Michael did another cycle ride, similar route to 1st March.  this time he managed with only two rests of 10 minutes - cycling 35 minutes - 15 minutes - 30 minutes

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Monday 2nd April - We went for a walk along the north bank of the River Ribble from the Docks

001cs 007cs
The view from the dock entrance and the view looking back towards the dock a little way along the path

004cs 008cs
The trees are really bursting out in leaves and blossom, spring has arrived but they say we'll have snow over Easter!

Thursday 5th April - Health Walk

Tuesday 17th April - Health Walk

Saturday 21st April - Preston Mela


Thursday 24th April - Health Walk

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Tuesday May 1st - no Health Walk today, Michael's antibiotics not taken over yet.

Surprise Visit from Alex!

Tuesday 8th May -  The Health Walk from the Sports Centre.  Nine of us today including Gareth our leader.  

Monday May 14th - Damian up from London again.  Suzie came with us this time.  We picked Damian up from his Mum's in Wigan and drove to the Viewpoint overlooking the Anglezarke Reservoir to the start of our walk.  . . . . .

Tuesday May 15th - Health W alk from the Sports Centre.  Again there were nine of us today including Gareth our leader.  . . . .

Sunday May 20th - Michael went sailing!  It was a pleasant day but sadly there was hardly any wind.  North easterlies were forecast but we had mostly west.  Six boats turned up and took to the water. . . . .

Tuesday May 22nd - Health Walk - we both walked today

Thursday May 24th - Health Walk - very enjoyable

Saturday May 26th - Chorley East Neighbourhood Mini Health Mela - we support our Breathe Easy Group today


Tuesday May 29th - Health Walk - we both walked today from the Sport Centre - we had four new walkers!

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Monday 4th June - Had my first solo sail in our GP14.

I used the new rudder that I'd made, shown here on the lawn on one of the real summer days.  I actually made the rudder from a piece of Trudie's fireplace, which she gave me from their house in Kershaw Street.  I stripped and revarnished the tiller and fitted new controls.  I bought a new tiller extension.  I 'extensively' refurbished the stock, it was in pretty poor condition.

Tuesday June 5th

Health Walk -  Months ago one of us was enthusiastic about having a picnic in the Walled Orchard to celebrate the diamond jubilee - not all were enthusiastic, the picnic was OK but . . . .

Wednesday 6th June - helped Owen to tow his Laser Radial from Lancaster to the Club - our GP14 was bought from Owen

Thursday June 7th

Health Walk - Raining - not very encouraging but seven of us turned up for the walk.  Brian asked me, Michael, to be the leader today so, in view of the weather, I suggested we . . .

Friday June 8th

Today I completed the refurbishment of our chair, given to us by Auntie Jean when we moved in here forty-odd years ago without any furniture.
It's over two years since I had it sandblasted, not very successfully - deep grooves in the softer parts of the grain, but at last I got round to tackling it

Tuesday June 12th

A lovely morning, nice change from the last two Health Walks.  Another big turnout, fifteen.  Gareth led us off into the Park and on to Cam Lane.

Saturday 16th June

I, Michael, went for my first cylce ride since I started with my chest infection a couple of month ago  Even though it was wet and windy I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tuesday 19th June

Oh!  Some very black clouds and we'd had showers.  What to wear?  Is it going to rain?  Is it going to be warm?   Undeterred, we all met at the Sports Centre.  

Thursday 21st June

Summer Solstice. We started our holiday in cornwall.

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Tuesday 10th July - Another Health Walk

Thursday Morning 12th July

Another Health Walk but this time with a difference.  Ranger Michael led us through the various Nature Reserves that are closed to teh public as a specia ltreat for the Health Walkers.

Thursday Afternoon 12th July - The Breathe Easy Exercise Meeting with a Committee Meeting for all afterwards

Tuesday 17th July

Health Walk from the Sports Centre

Saturday 21st July - Michael went sailing, first time round the lighthouse this year sailing alone in the GP14.

Tuesday 24th July

Health Walk from the Sports Centre

Thursday 26th July

Health Walk from the Barn

Sunday 29th July

Our visit to Sunderland Point

Tuesday 31st July

Health Walk from the Sports Centre

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Friday 3rd August - Pat Edmeads' Funeral

Saturday 4th August - Michael went sailing again

Tuesday 7th August - Health Walk from the Sports Centre.  It was raining again and Sue decided not to come.

Wednesday 8th August

At last we got Jaja up to the Club for a sail, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Thursday Morning 9th August - Another Health Walk, this time from the Barn.  Again Sue didn't come because in the afternoon we went for the Breath Easy Group summer luncheon to Brockholes


Thursday Afternoon 9th August - our Breathe Easy Group lunch outing to Brockholes - possible a report later.  Just for laughs - Shirley and I, as members of the Wildlife Trust were entitled to free parking!

After lunch we took in the ambience of the place, all fifteen of us, this a photo from David's camera taken by a kind lady.

Thursday Late Afternoon 9th August


Saturday 11th August - Kathryn's unusal wedding in Leeds


Monday 13th August

Is this the last we'll see of our little car - eight years it's served us?

Tuesday 14th August - Health Walk from the Sports Centre.  It was a lovely morning and Sue decided to come.  She thoroughly enjoyed the walk and company.


Friday 17th August - Steven's Birthday.  Damian came for the day but it rained so we only had a walk round Cuerden Valley Park

Sunday 19th August - Second day of the Glasson Sailing Club Regatta - Michael managed a sai lbut there was no wind so racing abandoned.

Monday 20th August - Damian came to see us today and we all went to St. Anne's and walked along the beech, Michael even paddled, the water was lovely and clear

lsta02s lsta01s

Tuesday 21st August - Health Walk - both of us today


Thursday 23rd August - Health Walk - both of us again today


Sunday 26th August - Farmers Market and Tea Shop - we both were on Tea Shop duty today

Friday 31st August - We picked our new car up

splas02s splash03s splash01s
Suzuki Splash, 997cc

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Sunday 2nd September - Officer of the Day again


Tuesday 4th September -  No rain again!  Our first Health Walk in September - doesn't time fly, where's the summer gone? . . .

Thursday 6th September

A lovely sunny morning with a slight nip in the air - perfect for walking. . . . .

Saturday 8th September - Michael sailing today

Tuesday 11th September

Another lovely sunny morning with a slight nip in the air - perfect for walking but only Michael this time.

Thursday 13th September - Breathe Easy Exercise Class

Some of the 'exercisers' afterwards.  The middle seated lady is Cath, our Guru.

Saturday 15th September - should have been sailing but knee not up to it. Saw doctor yesterday, a locum, no faith in her.  Got an X-ray booked or 3rd October - so far away!

An unusual visitor - book says Speckled Wood - a woodland butterfly.  It's resting on our garage back barge board.

Tuesday 18th September -  Plenty of sunshine but also plenty of dark clouds.  There was no walk from the Sports Centre today, Gareth is away at a presentation in Birmingham.


Saturday 22nd September - We went to a lecture at the sailing club by Dr Martin Birch.  A recent broadcast  It was about the history and restoration of his boat Espanola


Tuesday 25th September - another Health Walk


Thursday 27th September 2012 -  Only seven of us today at the Barn - the others are on holiday.   Sorry no photos today.   The river is going down and we had a dry walk . . . .


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Tuesday 2nd October 2002 -  Sunshine again.!  No rain!  Still not a balmy autumn day though.  Nine plus Gareth today who led us off into the Park and across Cam Lane into the cattle, bulls, bullocks, cows, calves and sheep field - not what he expected to find! . . . . .


Friday 5th October - Finished fitting a new gate to Trudie's back garden

006s 004s

Saturday 6th - dingy racing OOD


In the evening we went to Norman's 80th Birthday Party at the Club.  We had to wear a fancy hat!

Sunday 7th - dinghy racing OOD again


Monday 8th October - Damian was visiting again so we had a ride up to Arnside for a walk round about.

005s arn06s
We drove up the Knot as far as we could.  It was lunch time so Suzie made sandwiches from the provisions she'd brought.

arn04s arn03s
Views from the car park.

arn01s arn02s
Down at sea level.  We waited ages for the tide, long past two warning hooters, but as we were freezing we came home.

Tuesday 9th October - Sunshine, a bit nippy but just right for walking.  Fourteen! plus Gareth today who led us off into the Park . . . .


Thursday 11th October -  Rain again.!  Fortunately not too heavy.  Ten of us turned out from the Barn despite the inclement conditions.


Friday 12th October - more good deeds, fitted a new toilet seat for Trudie

001s 002s

Saturday 13th October - cycled down to the marina at Preston and back, about 13 miles

Sunday 14th October - Michael on duty again at the sailing club

Tuesday 16th October - we attended a British Lung Foundation conference at Manchester City's stadium

Saturday 20th October - actually had a sail today in the GP14

Sunday 21st October - Tea Shop duty again, fortunately Jean and John stayed to help us. It was the Park's open orchard day.  We had many visitors and doubled the ususal takings.

Tuesday 23rd October - an unusual Health Walk, Michael leading Sue catering


Thursday 25th October - Health Walk - no Sue this time, suffering from Bronchitis!


Wednesday 26th October - For some days now I've been trying to empty the garage to get our new car into it for the winter.  I've given away my welders, circular saw and pigeon hole cabinets to friends at the sailing club.  I've constructed a 'bridge' at the eastern end to carry lots of boxes with 'stuff' and tools in and today we got to try if it will actually fit in when I've finished.  It did!


Saturday 27th October - Went up to the sailing club to sail but ther was no Wind! Hepedslipers to get Jetwind out.

slpprs02s slpprs01s

Tuesday 30th October - Another Health Walk, Sue nearly better but decided not to come.


Wednesday 31st October

jj01s jj02s
Jaja had a haircut!  Big change - not sure he likes it now?

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Sunday 4th November - Michael went sailing again, Frostbite 8 - Four boats today.  A lovely sunny day with a moderate south easterly breeze.  Four boats turned out.  Samantha Topping, crewing for Dad timed both races, Martin selected the course.  The course for both races was. . . . .


Tuesday 6th November - Health Walk from the Sports Centre:

. . . . . The trees are still very colourful but oh for a little sunshine for them to sparkle - I've been elsewhere when the sun has been shining. . . . . .

Thursday 8th November - Starting from the Barn we were lucky thirteen.  It was dry and there was a chance of sunshine today?  Jacquie and Carole led off purposely, under Brian's direction, into . . . . .


Saturday 10th November -It was a lovely day!  Decide to ride down to the Marina to get some sailing boots for Jaja, which I managed to get and then explored a little bit of the Preston Guild Wheel, a cicular 21 mile cycle route/track round Preston.

001s 003s 002s
The furthest I've cycled this year so far has been over a period of two hours or so, so I decided to turn back after an hour.  The first hour was almost over by the time I'd finished at the Marina so I decide to cycle on to the canal.  Here I had my second rest before setting off back home.

004s 005s
I had another rest just before I reached the docks.  Arrived home, suitably exhausted after 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Sue had gone to a meeting in Manchester.

Tuesday 13th November - Health Walk with a difference.  Today we started out to walk from the Town Brow car park with Michael as leader


Saturday 17th November

misty01s misty02s
Sailed up river with Steve in his cruiser

Tuesday 20th November -

Health Walk from the Sports Centre:

Thursday 22nd November -

Health Walk from the Barn, Michael again leading

In the afternoon we went to the Breathe Easy meeting where we were treated to some pampering!

Friday 23rd November - forty minute bike ride, Steven's, Moss, Midge Hall

Tuesday 27th November -

The Health Walk today was south of the Sports Centre

Wednesday 28th November - We decided to go to to St. Anne's on Sea for lunch at the Beach Terrace Cafe.  After lunch we drove to Blackpool, along the prom and parked at Bispham.

cl008s cl004s cl003s
We walked along the prommenade towards Cleveleys, against a cold wind!  We were heading for the 'round' cafe on the front but when we arrived there it was closed!

A memorial to all the wrecks of this treacherous shore

cl010s cl011s cl013s
The sky began to cloud over

cl016s cl017s
Huskies pulling special scooters.  Three lovely dogs, friendly but high spirited.  One team was sorted but the othere had wound it's towing line round the driver.  Once they got sorted, they shot off and I couldn't get a photo of them in full flight in time.

Thursday 29th November - Health Walk from the Barn still no Suzie.


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Saturday 1st December - Sue helped Trudie while Michael went up to the Sailing Club but did some jobs instead of sailing

Rebuilt Martin's launching trolley

Sunday 2nd December - Childrens' Fair at the Park, we worked on the refreshments.


Tuesday 4th December -  Health Walk starting from the Sports Centre, Sue was at the dentists so missed the inclement weather


Thursday 6th December - off on another walk - Sue nearly came this time!


Thursday 13th December - We had lunch with the Breathe Easy Group at the Plough, Runshaw


Saturday 15th December - Michael up at the sailing club again

Sunday 16th December - Another day at the sailing club - Sue was on Tea Shop Duty at the Park Farmers' Market

Thursday 20th December - First walk since the 6th December - some sort of infection, Michael on antibiotics.  We'd missed some glorious walks in the frost covered park!

033s more photos

Sunday 23rd December - Walked across the moss for 40 minutes

Monday 24th December - Picked Damian up from Wigan and walked for 100 minutes from Town Brow car park.


Tuesday 25th December - We had Christmas Lunch at Trudie's - Michael walked to Trudie's

Wednesday 26th December - Spent the day with Alison & Paul at Briercliffe.  Dorothy & Robin were staying with them.

Thursday 27th December - Went to Gregory & Rachel's with Damian for the Swarbrick get-together in the afternoon but in the morning

we dilled another hole in Damia's keyboard stand

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 28th, 29th & 30th December - miserable wet and windy weather - didn't leave the house.

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