2015                              A Diary of events and The story of our garden this year.

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Thursday 31st December - Health Walk
023s 001s 019s 013s
Still water everywhere

Tuesday 29th December - Health Walk
001s 002s

Monday 28th December - In the morning Michael did a reconnoiter walk in the south of Cuerden Valley Park preparing for New Year's Day
cvp060s cvp063s cvp067s cvp071s
Trudie's meditation view, the Lostock and the two sets of stepping stones

                In the afternoon walked round Anglezarke with Damian who had been too lazy to walk in the morning
                az074s az092 az098s az116s

Sunday 27th December - Michael walked over the Moss in the morning - Damian not up for it
001s 018s 045s 048s

               Gregory's Swarbrick Get-Together at Jean & Jack's in the afternoon

Saturday 26th December - Boxing Day at Alison & Paul's with Dorothy & Ann and Kathryn & Richard

The rain was teeming down and as we drove up Croston Road we had to drive through two floods, we had to keep to the centre of the road.  As we crossed the railway bridge and dropped down to the river level we had to drive through another flood.  As we got on to the M65 the motorway was covered in water, only a couple of mms, the rain was coming down faster than it could drain off the road, but I was begin to think we should have stayed at home!  We got there unscathed.

Michael went for a walk round the houses with Alison, Kathryn and Richard, Alison pushing baby Maude in her buggy.

It was a much 'safer' journey home later in the evening when we drove home via Wigan to pick Damian up.

               Meanwhile in the Park:

Friday 25th December - Christmas Day at Trudie, Lloyd & Jaja's

Thursday 24th December - Health Walk
051c2s 042s 053s 059s

Tuesday 22nd December - Health Walk
007s 008s

Sunday 20th December - Richard & Julie brought our presents up
Preparing for lunch

Thursday 17th December - Health Walk
026s 002s 005-6s
Rather wet

             Breathe Easy Luncheon at Farington Lodge
             xlunch027s xlunch028s

                            Back Home

Tuesday 15th December - Health Walk

Sunday 13th December - 10 mile Bike Ride, first since 8th November.  We have had some wicked weather, rain and high winds

Thursday 10th December - Health Walk

                     and Breathe Easy Pamper Day

Wednesday 9th December - Caught the 111 bus to Preston from Barn Hey, now run by Stagecoach.  Fishwicks have gone bust and Lancashire County Council will no longer fund the 115, our bus

Tuesday 8th December - Health Walk

Monday 7th November - British Gas came to fit smart metres.  They did the electric but wouldn't do the gas.  National Grid came within the hour and confirmed our gas appliances were hunky dory - said the man should have fitted the gas metre.

Thursday 3rd December - Health Walk

Tuesday 1st December - Health Walk

Thursday - 26th November - Health Walk

               and Breathe Easy where we had a talk by Galloways Sociaety for the Blind

Tuesday 24th November - Health Walk

Monday 23rd November - Took some Leyland manuals to the Museum -trying to clear the attic!

Thursday 19th November - Health Walk

Tuesday 17th November - Health Walk

Sunday 16th November - Walked in the Park with Damian

Saturday 15th November - Gerald and Rowena's 25th anniversary at St Mary's club - Suzie too ill to attend

Friday 14th November - Damian came to stay to be able to go to Gregory and Rowena's 25th wedding anniversary party tomorrow.

Thursday 12th November - Health Walk

Tuesday 10th November - Health Walk

Sunday 8th November - Bike ride

Thursday 5th November - Health Walk

Tuesday 3rd November - Health Walk

Sunday 1st November - 10 mile bike ride, misty morning
003s 006s

Thursday 29th October - Health Walk

Tuesday 27th October - Health Walk did a variation on a walk utilising the walk down Sheephill that we had tried out on Sunday

Sunday 25th October - Michael did 10 mile bike ride in the morning.  In the afternoon we met Carmel and Linda E at the CVP Farmers' Market and walked them part way home.

Friday 23rd October - Found Gawthoerpe Hall closed and went on to Townley Hall - also closed

Thursday 22nd October - Health Walk in the morning and Breathe Easy AGM in the afternoon

Tuesday 20th October - Health Walk

Sunday 18th October - Michael 10 mile bike ride

Friday 16th October - Went to Brian's funeral in Salford and then on to Lyme Hall
lyme003s lyme036s

Thursday 15th October - Health Walk

Wednesday 14th October - Visited Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire - Michael's report - and afterwards Biddolph Grange Gardens
mor063s bid073s

Tuesday 13th October - Health Walk

Sunday 11th October - Michael 10 mile bike ride

Thursday 8th October - Health Walk and Breathe Easy Exercise Class

Tuesday 6th October - Health Walk, Damian came with us
002s 013s

Monday 5th October - Visited Rufford Old Hall with Damian

Thursday 1st October - Health Walk

Tuesday 29th September - Health Walk

Monday 28th September - We worked hard pruning in the front garden

Sunday 27th September - We had a short walk in Cuerden Valley Park after the Farmers Market
010s 011s 012s

Thursday 24th September - Health Walk

Wednesday 23rd September - We had a day out at Speke Hall

Tuesday 22nd September - Health Walk

Sunday 20th September - Michael managed twelve miles on the bike

Thursday 17th September - Health Walk

Wednesday 16th September - We went up to Broughton-in-Furness to meet up with Charlotte, Howard, Judith and Rachel
b002s b029s b033-4s b054s
b064s barnsides

Tuesday 15th September - Health Walk

Saturday 12th September - We manned the Breathe Easy stall at the Leyland Mela having set it up on Friday afternoon
004s 062s melas

Thursday 10th September - Health Walk

Wednesday 9th September - We had lunch in St. Anne's and walked along the prommenade and had tea and cake on the pier
015s 033s 040s
In the first photo I think you can see Anglesey where Peter and Barbara had just gone in their caravan - the sun appears to be shining on them while our promised sun never broke through.

Tuesday 8th September - Health Walk

Sunday 6th September - Michael did his first bike ride for three months - 10 miles.  Surprised to see the Lower Kem Mill covered in green stuff
007s 003-4s

Saturday 5th September - Pruned the Magnolia tree together

Thursday 3rd September - Health Walk

Wednesday 2nd September - We both worked hard in the garden filling up two wheelie bins with prunings

Tuesday 1st September - Health Walk

Thursday 27th August - Health Walk

                     and Breathe Easy where Natasha Mellor of Age UK came to talk to us

Friday 21st August to Wednesday 26th August - a few days in North Wales
197s 411s 391s 151s

Thursday 20th August - Health Walk

Tuesday 18th August - Health Walk - we were both very tired afterwards
0003s 0008cs

Thursday 13th August - Health Walk

                   Followed by Breathe Easy exercise class

Tuesday 11th August - Health Walk

Friday 7th & Saturday 8th August
Did some gardening - pruning the Rhododendrons, Camellias and Lilac.  Suzie and Betty haveing a cuppa on Saturday.

Thursday 6th August - Health Walk

Tuesday 4th August- Health Walk, this time Suzie came out

Thursday 30th July - Health Walk.  Suzie and Damian were worn out from the walk yesterday so Michael went on his own.

              In the afternoon Damian and Suzie had recovered so we spent a couple of hours at Brockholes.  More information

Wednesday 29th July - Picked Damian up and after lunch we all went to Formby Point and walked along the shore and back through the woods.

Tuesday 28th July - Health Walk - no Suzie again

Tuesday 21st July - Health Walk - no Suzie today, she had to go for a routine medicine check.

Monday 20th July - More weeding

Saturday & Sunday 18th & 19th July - More weeding, this time the bed alongside the drive.
009s 006s 003s 002s


Thursday 16th July - Health Walk then lunch at Avant Garden Centre.  

Wednesday 15th July - More weeding - Cycle Forum at tea time

Tuesday 14th July - Health Walk

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10th, 11th & 12th - Weeding front rose garden
007s 005s

Thursday 9th July - Health Walk - Suzie stayed home to see to boiler

Tuesday 7th July - Health Walk . . . Sue wanted to do a short walk . . .

Thursday 2nd July - Health Walk.  Daphne's birthday, usually we would be with her in Cornwall for her birthday

Wednesday 1st July - A very hot and humid day.  Managed to get Steen's hedge trimmer working, rebuilt and greased.  Watched tennis on TV - Wimbledon

Tuesday 30th June - Health Walk

Sunday 28th June - We both worked in the garden cutting the grass and the shrubs on the roadside

Thursday 25th June - Health Walk

Then on to Breath Easy for a talk on the Rotary Club
rlea01s rlea02s

Wedneday 24th June - Suzie's 79th Birthday.  Trudie arranged for us to go out to lunch at the Pines.
pines007s pines011s pines012s pines015s

Compare the photo below with the one above and you will see that the Pines isn't what it used to be.  It was the first meal I've had there that I didn't enjoy.

Tuesday 23rd June - Health Walk
Followed by lunch at Sainsbury's

Friday 19th June - we both had hospital appointments at The royal Preston

Wednesday 17th June - Drove home via Bedford where we went to visit Pam, Sue's workmate
The photographer is Pam's Daughter Amanda

Tuesday 16th June - We called on Caroline in Hemel Hempstead and took her out to lunch
caz089s caz088s caz086s caz085s

Monday 15th June - Still in Maids Moreton. We took Richard out to lunch at Prezza's

Sunday 14th June - Julie and Richard entertained their young Bulls to lunch for us.
rich016s rich018s rich021s rich032s

rich034s rich053s

Saturday 13th June - Spread Auntie Babns' ashes on Blown Downs in rain and wind with Daphne's family.
bick007s bick008s bick009s

bick004s bick002s
Before the event we all met at the Old Hunters Lodge, Whipsnade for lunch.

Later we called on Sue's School Friend Babs

Friday 12th June - Motored down to Dunstable to see Auntie Kath to find she was in hospital.  We visited her but she was hardly conscious.  We went bqack up to Mais Moreton t ostay with Richard and Julie.

Thursday 11th June - Health Walk

Wednesday 10th June - 12 miles on the bike today
DSCF0001s DSCF0003cs DSCF0004s
I'd done about 8 miles and gave up on Snake Hill. Stopped for a rest on the Gregsons' seat.

Tuesday 9th June - Heath Walk

Sunday 7th June - Michael managed another 10 miles on the bike

Thursday 4th June - Health Walk

Tuesday 2nd June - Health Walk, Annual Volunteer's Walk in Volunteeers' Week

Monday 1st June - Had lunch at the Midge Hall with Trudie to celebrate Michael's 77th Birthday

Thursday 28th May - Health Walk

Wednesday 27th May - We took Carmel to Tatton Park

Tuesday 26th May - We both went on the Health Walk again

Monday 25th May - We both spent the day in the back garden.

Sunday 24th May - not a very good day - wet early on and dull for the rest of the day.  Michael went on his first proper bike ride since 3rd Jauary, 10 miles

Saturday 23rd May - A little gardening

Thursday 21st May - Another Health Walk

Tuesday 19th May - Health Walk

Saturday 16th May - Walk in the south end of the Park with Damain
DSCF0001s DSCF0005s DSCF00061s DSCF0010-1-2s

Thursday 14th May - Health Walk

Wednesday 13th May - Went to Preston for Suzie's new support hose and then did some shopping for clothes.

Tuesday 12th May - Health Walk

Sunday 10th May - Michael did a brisk walk over the Parkrun course - 57 minutes

Thursday 7th May - Health Walk

Wednesday 6th May - We drove home from Cornwall - again a good drive with no hold-ups.  Michael drove both ways, 350 miles each way, only stopping once on the way back - a 250 mile stint.

Tuesday 5th May - Daphne's Funeral, we've lost a dear friend.  It was a lovely service and the Reverend Steven used a lot of my notes in his eulogy.  He said I'd inspired him.  Judith, Philip, Nancy Alice, Gracie, Martha - known as Nic, Howard, Rachel & Charlotte were there and they asked us to ride in the cars - very touched to be received as part of the family.  We really loved Daphne and will miss her, she was part of our lives.
DSCF0006s DSCF0013s
A last look round.  We drove into Falmouth, round Marine Drive.  I took these photos from Pendennis Point and the Drive.

Monday 4th May - We set off for Cornwall for Daphne's funeral.  We had a really good drive down, no hold-ups despite it being Bank Holiday Monday.

Thursday 30th April - a nicer day for our walk in the Park

DSCF0021s DSCF0027s DSCF0030s
David, one of the regular volunteers, had started to clear the car parking place that had become overgrown with Rhododendrons and Ivy in the morning.  In the afternoon I went back to the Park and finished off the clearing, David had done the first half.  It was hard work - I had to work for five minutes then rest for five minutes, I hope things start to improve soon

Tuesday 28th April - a biting cold wind and rain threatening.  The rain didn't fall and we had some sunny spells for today's walk.

Friday 24th April - cut all the dead wood out of the Rowen tree, most of the tree unfortunately

Thursday 23rd April - Another lovely morning for the Health Walk

Wednesday 22nd April - Finished cutting down the remaining fir tree between us and 419

Tuesday 21st April - A glorious morning for the Health Walk

Saturday 18th April - We had a Breathe Easy stall at the Preston Mela

Friday 17th April - to the hospital for Michael's review.  Oncologist said not to worry things would get better.

Thursday 16th April - Health Walking yet again

Wednesday 15th April - We went to the Royal Preston Hospital to get Suzie's legs measured for some new support stockings.  In the afternoon we started to cut down the remaining fir tree alongside the drive

Tuesday 14th April - Health Walk - Suzie is doing quite well now

Thursday 9th April - Health Walk, this time starting along Shady Lane

Wednesday 8th April - into the Park again this time with Trudie, Lloyd and Jaja

Tuesday 7th April - Health Walk

Sunday 5th April - We walked in Cuerden Valley Park with the Smiths
DSCF002sS0010009s DSCF0027s
Jordan skipping over the stepping stones and looking at the frogs in the Covert Pond

DSCF003101s DSCF0033s

Jordan beating the tree with a stick calling up the Bigfoots

Saturday 4th April - Caroline, Robert, Louis and Jordan came to visit us fortunately staying in the Best Western Leyland Hotel.  When they booked in Louis and Jordan enjoyed a swim in the hotel pool.

Thursday 2nd April - Again we both walked, it was a much pleasanter morning

Tuesday 31st March - Despite the wild and wet weather we both went on the Health Walk

Friday 27th March - We took Suzie to Preston Royal Hospital for an ultrasound scan of her leg.

Thursday 26th March - we both went on the Health Walk

Tuesday 24th March - Health Walk, both of us

Monday 23rd March - Steven took Sue to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for her latest check-up.  Things have improved a little - next review two months hence.

Sunday 22nd March - to the Farmers' Market to see Carmel and buy some vegetables.  Also saw Bernadette, Peter, Barbara, David H and wife plus others who aren't walkers.
Afterwards we walked a little way into the south side of the Park.  Here we are, shadows of our former selves

Thursday 19th March - A lovely crisp morning for our walk in the sunshine

Tuesday 17th March - both walking again

Monday 16th March - pruned the apple tree, we were pleasantly surprised by Bernie and Lesley calling as they were returning from Falkirk where they had been to see their newly born Great Grandson

Sunday 15th March - we cut the grass for the first time this year

Friday 13th March - We went to Chorley Hospital to see about Suzie's leg

Thursday 12th March - both walking again

Wednesday 11th March - car service and first MOT plus bumper repair.  19929 miles

Tuesday 10th March - both walking again
012s 013s

Sunday 8th March - Damian came to visit and we went for a walk across the moss.  We heard the Skylarks but couldn't pick them out.  We heard heard Lapwings too and we watched some of them.  Some of damian's photos
moss02s moss04s moss05s moss03s moss01s

Tuesday 3rd March - today was my last radiotherapy session!

Tuesday 24th February - Michael's first Health Walk for a while, radiotherapy sessions all around noon.

Monday 23rd February - Sue went to MREH for a check-up.  May need another laser treatment.  Next check-up on 23rd March.

Sunday 22nd Feruary - We went to the Farmers' Market - it was a wet and windy day, didn't buy anything

Tuesday 10th February - Michael walked again - the radiotherapy machine had broken down so no treatmet today, moved to Saturday

Thursday 5th February - Michael went on the Health Walk before his radiotherapy and Suzie had a crown fitted

Tuesday 3rd February - We both went on the Health Walk - Suzie doing a medium walk again

Monday 2nd Febraury - Steven took Suzie to Manchest Royal Eye Hospital - bad news she has to have another operation, the sixth.  Michael was at the Royal Preston being zapped

Tuesday 27th January - We both went on the health walk Suzie again walking up through the woods.

Sunday 25th January - We graced the Farmers' Market with our presence, I don't think we went once last year.
fmarket02s fmarket01sfmarket01ccs

Thursday 22nd January - Breathe Easy meeting about clocks

Report now in chronological order


Thursday 1st January - Michael led the Health Walk.  Afterwards we all, plus some non-walkers, had lunch at the Beaumont, Clayton-Green

Friday 2nd January - went to Fred's funeral, Fred was Carmel's husband.  Carmel is also known as Margaret.

Saturday 3rd January - Another ten mile bike ride in the rain
Tried to video this but couldn't get the camera on the right mode, gloves?

Tuesday 13th January - Michael went on the Health Walk

Sunday 18th January - We both went on the Winter Birdwatch in Cuerden Valley Park
DCSF0787s DCSF0791s DSCF0799s

Tuesday 20th January - We both went on the Health Walk, Sue doing the complete route

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